Music and moods. Self inflicted or not?  

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8/21/2005 9:21 am

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Music and moods. Self inflicted or not?

I'm a very picky music listener. I have to have MY music playing when I am doing almost anything. This is one reason I'm not so "cheery" at work, or as motivated as I know I could be. Music drives my emotions. My emotions drive ME. Kind of sad in a way, but I like it just fine.
I'm sort-of starting to walk a mile in the mornings for a bit of exercise, and I need music for that. I have an MP3 playing CD Walkman, so I burn my own mixes. I have to have music that drives me to walk, fast. Music with energy, angst, things like that. I can't really clean house with any energy without a good mix playing on my headphones. I'm not much for slow songs unless I am in that sort of mood. In the evenings recently, I've been listening to Type O Negative, Depeche Mode, and a few others of that kind...relaxing, and somewhat somber. Sometimes I intentionally pick the music to inflict a mood I want to feel, or to reinforce the one I currently have. Can anyone else say they do the same thing? Like, when you're down, do you listen to depressing music? Or do you try to lighten it up? How does music move you? Does the song and the lyrics express a part of you better than what you would be able to express yourself? I think that applies to me a lot of the time. One of the more frustrating things about music though, is that there isn't a lot of good music that I have heard coming out anymore. I absolutely hate boy bands and generic pop kids. I'm also not a fan of R&B and a lot of mainstream , and I loath country.

This means I really have no good radio stations to listen to here in town. The local pop station, WVAQ, is my arch-nemesis. WCLG is the only station that plays songs I like, but they get repetitive after a while. I really need some new music, even with a collection of about 6,000 songs on my computer, I still need fresh songs, for new feelings and means of expression, and to keep the playlists from getting old.

So how about it? What does music do for you ?

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