It's like a bag of skittles!  

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8/20/2005 10:15 am

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It's like a bag of skittles!

So, here's the attempt to retrieve lastnights thoughts.
It's been a very odd month so far. It seems that fate is driving my attention towards all the redheaded women in the world. It's not a surprise or anything, considering I think redheads are the sexiest women there are, because most have a really good personality, and well...the hair is beautifull. First there was the redhead I met on here and spent a nice evening with, and then I went out to a bar called Vice Versa here in town with my Ex's little sister to hang out and have some drinks. Nothing going on between us, it's more like a brother-sister relationship to be honest, but I still think she's a hottie. Anyways, Vice is a gay bar, which is one of the only places worth going to around here because of all the damn students. Most of the other bars are dominated either by drunk rednecks, or fratboys. Vice is the only bar that gets a good mix of people without the potential for violent drunken confrontations.
So, we go down, get a little drunk, and one of the cutest redheads sits down at the table we're hanging around. I managed to get up my drunk bravery (lol) and talked to her for a bit. NOW it seems like a lot more redheads (customers) are coming into my workplace. A girl that used to ride my bus to school way back in high-school recognised me at work, and I ended up bumping into her down at Vice another night too. I'm thinking the reoccurances of red haired women is not coincidence. I think the universe is trying to tell me something, like "enough brown haired girls...the redheads are the way to go!"

In other news, my ex decided to come over one night to talk and drink some beers with me. *groan* We ended up getting a little drunk, and I ended up telling her about my recent experiences, which was a mistake. She got jealous and I think she had something to she got all excited and wanted to have sex. It took me about 45 minutes of mulling it over before I gave in. Eh, it was about the same as it always was, but that was a big mistake. A few days later she comes over and starts talking to me about how she still loves me and wants us to get back together and work things out. I told her that wasn't going to happen, because I don't want to get stuck being miserable with her again. I feel it's better for both of us if we just remain on friendly terms.

I bet this blog makes me sound like an alcoholic...I'm not, it's just that weird shit like this just happens to occur when I/we are drinking. Shit like this doesn't happen when I'm sober. *lol* Hell, I can't even drink that much. No stomach for a lot of liquor, and anything more than 6 beers makes me feel like ass in the morning, and I don't usually drink THAT much anyways, just when I go out all night with friends.

I reconnected with an old female friend of mine that I hadn't talked to online in a long time. She's a sweetheart, and we know each other pretty well. I showed her my profile on here, and she made me realize just how BAD it sounded. In hindsight, it did sound scarry. I've always been REALLY BAD at writing about myself in a descriptive way, so since she knows me so well, she helped me edit my profile to sound more like ME than some sex starved idiot. Sometimes I don't know when what I am writing has turned from simple description to a complete and utter mess. Oh well, at least my profile is still accurate, but better writen.

Mmm....redheads. Gods I love them.

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