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My life should SO be a story. Sure, I'd have to take a little artistic license with it, and make a few exagerations, but I think it would make for an interesting read. Maybe here in a few more years I should think about that. I dunno.

ANYWAYS, guess what happened today? I'll bet none of you fuckers would ever guess. Well, keep reading, cause it's great. It's fucking wonderfull. And if you don't know me all that well, that was SARCASM right there, folks.

So, I start my day with my usual quart of coffee and a few cigarettes, then I get around to calling over at my ex-girlfriend's parent's house. My ex and my son are there, so I call up to see how he's doing, and inform Sarah, my EX, that I wanted to forgo seeing him today so that I could get some house cleaning done before I went to work, considering the place was a mess. She was cool with that, so I go about my business. Before I go any further, for those of you who aren't up on the people involved, let me give you a quick rundown of things....Sarah (EX) is the mother of my son Andrew. In my opinion, she's somewhat emotionaly unstable, more so than I ever am or appear to be. She has a little bit of OCD (obsessive compulsive dissorder) in regards to cleanliness, and is either chronicaly clinically depressed, or bi-polar. Not sure which at the moment. ANYWAYS, her MOTHER is a fucking psycho. I'd be willing to say that 90% of Sarah's mental problems stem from her goddamn mother being a batshit crazy BITCH who, for a 50 year old woman, has never matured past a 16 year old mentality. I really do feel a lot of sympathy for Sarah in regards to the way her mother treats her and speaks to her.
Let's just say that her mother managed to make the very fucking TOP of my shit list today, and will stay there for a very goddamn long time.
Sarah's mom decided to be a total bitch and start some shit not long after I called. In the ensuing fight, which I wasn't privy to, she basically kicked MY SON and his MOTHER out of her house, without consulting Sarah's father.
I'm the only person she could come to, so of course, guess who she called??
Oh yeah! She called me up, sobbing, and bawling about her mom, and how she can't take her mother's psychotic bullshit anymore, and asked me if she and Andrew could come here.

Of course, seeing as how I'm the only person who's able to give her and my son a place to stay, I let her come back here.

My goddamn ex-girlfriend and my son are living with me again.
I don't mind my son living with me, that's not even an issue.
It's Sarah that I have a problem with. We don't get along when we are together.
I think it's somewhat different now, that we are not TOGETHER together, but still, I have to share my home with her. It's not like I hate her or anything, but I feel like my home is being invaded now. There's something about living alone and being single that makes me feel comfortable, in a way. I got used to this being MY home, and my home only, with me having my son here with me while she works. Now I have to shelter them both again, which means rearanging my work schedule a little, and waking up with Andrew in the mornings, which I am no longer used to doing.
Don't get me wrong, I don't feel like my child is a burden of any sort. I'm just stressed about the fact that I'm living in the same house as HER again.
At any rate, considering the fact that Sarah's mother is officially the worst fucking mother of any child I have ever met (so far), I do feel somewhat better about her and Andrew's wellbeing with them being here with me. At least here she won't get all the shit-talking about her that her mother dishes out on her at every oportunity.
I will say this, though. As of this moment, Sarah's mother has reached the pinnacle of my SHIT LIST. That bitch isn't going to come within 100 feet of my child for the next whole YEAR because of this shit. And it's not because I want to punish her, so much, as it is because I don't trust the bitch and don't want her psychotic BULLSHIT infecting my child. OK, maybe that's a small lie. I do want to punish her, only in that I want her to understand that her fucking stupid ass psychotic episodes DO have consequences. That, and Sarah needs to sever all contact with that woman if she ever wants to have any kind of happiness in her life. If my mother were still alive and well today, my mom would have so kicked her ass. SERIOUSLY. And I'm talking about a woman who was by far and large a pacifistic person. This would have enraged my mom.
I constantly find myself regreting the fact that my mother never got to see her grandchild....but I take comfort in knowing that if she had, she would have been a terrific grandmother to Andrew. You know, minus the whole alcoholism and all that shit. I'm willing to bet that she would have cleaned up hardcore if she was still around when Drew was born. But, things aren't like that, and that's the way it is. At any rate, Sarah has horrid parents, and I feel terribly sorry for her in that respect. I can only make comparisons against MY family, which is/was very close, supportive, loving, and accepting. The death of my mother, and then a few years later my Grandparents (last year) has had quite an impact on everyone.

Anyways, Sarah and Andrew are living with me again. I'm stressed out a whole hell of a lot. I'm not happy about this turn of events, but there's little I can really do about it, since both of them need a safe haven, a peacefull environment. I'm the only person who can provide anything remotely resembling that at the moment.
The house is being rearanged again, and we're going to have to get Sarah's bed from her parent's place, because she isn't sleeping with ME, and the couches aren't exactly conducive to a good nights sleep for her. The front room of my place is going to become her room, so now it's going to be three seperate bedrooms, as soon as I figure out where the hell we can stick all the excessive furniture and shit.


Wow, life keeps throwing shit at me. I know I'll survive it all, but it's not an ideal situation.
On the plus side of things, having someone who is obsessive compulsive about cleaning means I don't have to worry to much about trying to keep the place up. *lol* She knows better than to bitch at me about cleaning now that she is a GUEST, rather than my girlfriend.
Another bonus is that I will get to see Andrew more often, which is always good.

I'm just feeling stressed, tense, and I need to get laid.

I hate sudden changes like this.
*shrug* Ah well. Shit happens.
I'm going to bed.

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