your featurs cast and preserved forever  

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7/26/2006 5:38 pm
your featurs cast and preserved forever

do you have a partner who just wont leave you alone? obsesed by your body parts? or are you one who likes to admire yourself?
we have recently introduced a service designed for adults where we will cast your body parts down to the smallest fingerprint. then your cast can be made in beautifull medias like plasters, resins,rubbers, bronze, silver and gold. obviously there is a charge for this service and we will travel the whole of the uk for you. you would have to see these casts to beleive them and their 100% realistic look. for those lucky ladies out there we are also looking for models who are willing for us to cast where we will arange a generous payment or a copy of your cast for your time. please take a look at our site under the adult section and if you require any further information please dont hesitate to contact us using the site. our addres is w w w dot memorableimpressions dot co dot uk. hope to hear from you all soon

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