yup look in their eyes and see  

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10/16/2005 6:56 pm

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yup look in their eyes and see

yup there is no doubt about it if you look in to a womens eyes it tells you a lot about them
windows to the the soul they say. body language tells a lot too. gestures and actions but the eyes tell even more i think i believe most womens eye color changes with there mood
huuummm i think the look i like the most is just after sex eyes ohhh dont get me wrong i am def a butt man ohh the whole package is good but def the butt my fav. but i use the eyes for her mood and you can def tell.

well lets see no responce from the ladys yet but who knows it may happen yet so what else have i seen and done
well i went in to the navy when i was 17 they found that i had skills and they improved upon them vastly then i did an inner service tras and went to the army total time 11 yrs then got hurt and they ret my butt would not take a desk job
i love what i did in the service and miss it more every day still have a hard time dealing with civil life its hard going from that life to this but i am doning well i think dont talk much to the folks around me because they dont understand what it was like but as they say adapt improvise and overcome

you know what really piss's me off when i see some guy on the side of the road with a sign that says disabled vet please help i wana get out of my truck and ask him what the hell happen too you ? do you not remember what the millitary tought you ? hold your head high, survive and thrive in the invoroment that you are in. adapt improvise overcome. where is the sence of self worth the pride in yourself stand tall dame you stand tall !!!!!!!!!!!
but hey thats just me i guess

ohhh yea have you ever seen the stream's of alaska so full of salmon that you could walk across and not get your feet wet
have you ever seen a polar bear so large that it was unimagianable
have you ever swam with the dolphins

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