Comments Received: Total 666  

rm_iwannatellu 46F
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9/4/2006 11:56 am

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9/15/2006 10:57 am

Comments Received: Total 666

Ha ha ha

I logged on today and saw that I had received a total of 666 comments. How funny is that?

Of course, now that I have replied, there are now 668 - the neighbour of the beast.

Scottyboy2087 51M
85 posts
9/4/2006 12:28 pm

Make that 69

rm_Benkai7 56M
2358 posts
9/4/2006 1:36 pm

Dear "iwannatellu".

... `guess you`ll get some more "today" ... congratulations and hugs ... e ...

{ Benkai7 {... just a poor Ronin marching by ... { Z

SingleWarrior 53M

9/4/2006 2:25 pm

Two days ago, I went to the store. Bought some items, total was $6.66

Change: $13 in bills plus coin change.

Told the cashier I wasn't coming to his line no more

IsThisBetter4u 107M

9/4/2006 11:30 pm

I remember my 1st 666 I got here...sort of. I've had so many since then in one place or another I'm just scared to look anymore. It's crazy. I must get more 666's, 777's, 420's, 911's, and 411's than anyone on the site. Those must be their favorite numbers or something. Hmmmmmmm

Now I pretty much just sit around lQQking like that ~> most of the time.

florallei 100F

9/4/2006 11:38 pm

I have gotten that number here once as well...funny how things like that sort of make one wonder eh?


TY for your visit and comment in my blog.

Sulabula 46F
12659 posts
9/5/2006 3:35 am

I often get the number 666 to type into the box when commenting lol

Today it is 799...I must be lucky today

Sula xxx

come visit my blog

rm_fivecrows 47M

9/5/2006 12:18 pm

Bah! Nothin' to be afraid of...

Lucifer is a dusty old angel!

sunshinekzn 59F

9/8/2006 8:20 am

I was on 555 today!!!

rm_iwannatellu 46F
933 posts
9/8/2006 12:59 pm


Thanks - I hope I do

Ha ha. I bet you don't either...

I get strange spammer numbers - often 123 or 654 or 345.

Thanks for visiting, and it is a pleasure.

It was my first 666. ha ha

True, very tue.
Thanks for visiting

I guess that means you have to call the states. HA HA HA
Hope you are well and happy.

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