Rekindle Love With Sex  

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1/14/2006 8:55 pm

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Rekindle Love With Sex

I used to be in a r'ship with this girl called Vicky. She's of mix blood. A Hindustani n Turkish blood. She was drop dead gorgeous. But there lies her weakness. She didnt get serious in our r'ship n after half a year, our r'ship ends.

Then, on New Year's eve celebration at a pub called Momo in Singapore, we met, coincidently and from there, she sticked to me like glue even though I was with my friends. During the countdown, we were side by side and when it was finally 2006, she hugged and kissed me passionately on my lips, which, I gladly returned her kiss and bring my tongue into her's and let it dance a li'l. My hands were already all over her breast.

She then decided to call the celebration short and asked me to checked in into the hotel with her. I wasn't sure whether were she serious or just pulling off a New Year's joke. But, I agreed and we took a cab to the nearest hotel. In the cab, she rest her head on my lap and that really turns me on and my dick hard. Due to the holiday festive, we had a hard time gettin a room but finally, we managed to get one. After checking in and proceeding to the room, she whispered to me and say that she really wants me in her real hard. I was flattered, of course. I struggled to get the door unlocked as she was kissing me on my neck and when I finally do, she wasted no time in getting my shirts off and we proceed to kiss and fell on the bed. I was still trying my best to believe that this thing happened to me after she rejected my love few years back. I then caressed her firm breast and began licking her breast thru her silk dress and in a move, I get her one-piece silk dress off her and now she was only cladded in her red bra n panties and that turns me on even further. My hands slowly find it way down to her vagina and I began palying with it and I cud feel her wetness thru her panties. She then signalled for me to take off my pants and when I already did, she straight grab my hard dck and lick it around slowly before puttin the whole into her mouth and began gaggin me. Ooooh..! it felt so good! I almost came but I pulled it out and pull her panties down completely and began licking and wriggling my tongue into her oussy. She squirms and let out a very sexy moans which even turns me on.

Finally, she seems ready to be filled with my cock and I moved up close to her and kissin her while my cock tip was slowly and teasingly entering her now wet, i mean very wet pussy. I went in slow and her moans makes me came in a li'l bit harder and I cud see that she's enjoyin it so much. So do I. I thrust her hard and she had one of her hand holdin on to my balls and the other playin with my nipples. I then turns her around doggy style and came into her from behind. In ard 7-8 mins into it, I was about to cum and I whispered to her and asked, "where do u want me to shoot my load off?" and sh replies "In my mouth" I then thrust her hard a li'l bit more and pulled out and she was gettin into a kneeling position and opened her mouth while I jacked it off for 20secs or so, before releasing my loads off into her mouth. She swallowed all of it and began cleaning me with her tongue.

After that, we hugged each other before doing it a second time. After the second time, she apologised to me for hurtng me before and now, she have to hurt me again. She wants me to remember the night forever, before she finally tells me, I'm already married.

Shocked and disappointed I was, but, I think to myself.. What the heck and I shouldn't waste the night and continue to play with her breast and kissin her and doing it for the third time before bidding each other goodbye.

What a way to rekindle a lost love and an even great way to bid each other farewell.

So, do you guys / gals think that I'm at the losing end?

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