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8/4/2006 12:18 pm

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Just thinking

As I contact a few more people and gain a few more friends in my network and talk about sex, I get hornier every day. I guess that's the point. I see so many couples that say "stable" "in love" "adding excitement" and lots more. It's a turn on to see what they say and do and want to do. I sure wish my wife would come around and decide to play. We have been married 34 years this month and they have been great. Sure we hit some bumps. Most of them were my fault or at least I contributed. But she is such a great person and I am so lucky to have her. I just know that if she would allow another cock in her, she would love it. She sure enjoys our sex. I know she is sometimes bored with me cause most of the time it's the same ole thing, same position, she cums twice then I cum. I have been a little more in tune recently though. I think maybe because of what I see in here and who I talk to. Whatever the reason, she has been a little friskier also. She sure has a great pussy. She wakes me up with it almost every night. Then I have to get up and go to work. Many times I fantasize about watching another cock pumping her and that makes me so excited I usually get hard, even if I am at work. Fortunately, I work most of the time alone. There aren't many people there during the night.
I started sucking cocks several years ago. I thought it would be exciting for us. It was and it's fun too. She has been with me a couple of times and watched and took pictures. She gets hot watching me but still doesn't join in. The main reason I started doing it was to get her excited and want to start helping me but she hasn't yet. Maybe cause she can't go with me enough to really get into the mood. I don't know but I am gonna keep trying. Just thinking about her sucking a stranger and taking him in her while I watch is making me hard now. I gotta go to bed.

rm_ar_bi_male 64M

8/11/2006 4:49 am

As long as she is starting to get "hot" you can still have hope of fulfilling your fantasy.

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