The pool session  

rm_ironedge 36M
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4/25/2006 11:44 pm
The pool session

Yesterday I had this nagging feeling in my gut, that one you get when you realise you need something drastic. So after work I went home and got my mask, snorkel and fins to go for a breath hold excersise at our local pool, dynamic apnea excesise. I got to the pool and I saw someone getting out of the water in a tiny bikini and short kick fins. She was beatifull and had the best legs Ive seen in a while. The stir between my legs came almost instantly when I saw her looking over her shoulder at me while I was busy kitting up. I smiled in her direction and went into the water for a quick lap just to warm up. I completed my lap and she was still there towelling off her back to me. God shes got a great ass I thought as I cought a quick glance. I started my breath up and went down for my first lap. Coming up at the end of the 50m mark and turning around I saw the last flash of a breast as she pulled her sweater over her head. The bikini top must have gone off while I was under water. I went down again and on my way to the other side of the pool thoughts flashed through my head. I could almost see us there by the side of the pool and I decided to start up a conversation and see where it leads. Coming up on her side of the pool I saw her driving off.
What dissapointment, I could almsot kick myself. I hope that well meet again some time.
Throughout the rest of my session all I could think about was sex in weird and wonderfull locations. so there I was horny as hell...

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