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7/5/2006 2:49 pm
Random thoughts

I have NEVER understood the human desire to legislate mental competency. Seriously, I've met some airheads that are in their 50's and some "old souls" that are teens and far more mentally capable than their elders.

That's not to say I think children are capable of consenting to anything other than what they want for desert, but come on! In the US the "age of consent" is 18 (some states less but not many). In the UK it's 16 (far more reasonable imo).

I don't think it's in the law's best interest, and definatly NOT society's, to let some unelected figure head decide who is and isn't capable of saying yes and no based on the number of birthdays you've had (of haven't had).

I also have serious issues with allowing people to join the military and vote but not drink a damn beer. That is one thing I'll give Europe (out of only a few...), they don't hide sex like we Americans do, and they aren't afraid of a little alchohol.

Nudity isn't always sexual and Europe accepts this, where as prudes in the US think nudity on a beach is sinful and will cause 'lust' to take hold. You begin to fantasize about that which you can't have, not that which you can.

Just a few random thoughts...

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