A tip for the guys  

rm_irishwitch78 45M/39F
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6/19/2006 6:09 pm

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5/26/2007 2:36 pm

A tip for the guys

And a request of sorts...enough with the cock pictures! We're all glad you're so 'excited' and happy to be here, but after awhile, one cock looks like the next one. The only way you're going to distinguish yourself is to NOT be like everyone else, and that would mean getting it pierced, not having a circumcision (or the less painful way) putting up another kind of photo.

It's not a bad thing to have a few surprises, or even have a cock picture up as a secondary one, but please no more as the main picture. Really, seeing it from different angles doesn't really do much either. A cock is a cock is a cock, especially when you've just looked at profiles of 40+ of them. They all just blur together, and that's not a good thing when you want to stand out and then get laid.

Just a little request.

I'm no model lady. A model's just an imitation of the real thing. - Mae West

bustybettyboop 51F  
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6/19/2006 9:24 pm

lol! u go girl! my thoughts exactly! lol! i second the motion!

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