Want or Need?  

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4/17/2006 8:37 am

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Want or Need?

I've wondered these past couple of weeks what I've been wanting/needing in my life.

Just recently, I broke up with my girlfriend. Off an on, we'd been seeing other for almost three years. We were currently experimenting with an open relationship, more for my sake. I was insecure with our relationship, didn't see us going much further with one another. She thought otherwise, but obviously came to see what I saw. Somewhat rough breakup. I made sure she was the one to make the final decision this time as it was I who did the time before.

Anyway, the point is that we didn't work out.

And to boot, we were a long distance relationship. Nearly 1000 miles apart. But I'm going to be moving back to Texas around the end of may. I'm heading to Austin to finish my theatre degree and hopefully finding a break out there as well that will lead me to a film career in acting.

But it seems to me that my life will be very hectic the next few years and I see myself moving around alot. It just looks like I won't have much time to get in another relationship as the one I was in.

But it's hard for one to deny their natural desires and wants. It's been...awhile since I last had sex. Nearly a month now I believe. I have a few very close friends up here that I share my feelings with, but not a one I can be more intimate with. At a party once a close friend of mine and I got really drunk and made out. I've always thought she was attractive but I know that would lead to nowhere. And I wouldn't want to jeapordize our relationship for a short fling.

So I've come to believe that I need (or more like want) someone, even for the short time I'm still here for in Fort Collins, that I can be closer with mentally, emotionally, and especially physically. We all have three basic means of survival that are the simple pleasures of life. Eating, sleeping, and sex. I enjoy the first two often enough, but sex is a rarity.

And I'm impatient, damnit! >_<

I joined a different online dating service, since I don't find enough time to get out in the local dating scene. I try places like these to meet new people, because people seem more right to the point. We're online, we're on a dating site, we obviously are looking for someone to be with. This place happens to be more sex focused.

By the way, if a woman in the local or surrounding Fort Collins areas would like any of the above I've mentioned, I'm available. Long walks on the beach and all that...those are great. Oh, and I give some killer massages. You should try one...and some sex. Both on the house of course. Or more likely in it. House optional even.

And now that I've ruined the sincerity once again, I'm off to find another way to make an ass of myself!

Later, and take it easy.


Seriously though...that part about the massage is no joke.

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