One sunny Saturday morning...  

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3/30/2006 9:18 am
One sunny Saturday morning...

A little story for your entertainment.

She awoke to the smell of coffee and sounds from the kitchen. For a moment, she just lay and luxuriated in the big bed, looking around at the room lit by the sunlight filtering in through the shades. His sense of decorating taste was obvious. The silver and burgundy color scheme seemed very masculine, and yet refined.

She rolled out from under the covers, pulled her nightgown on, and padded to the master bath. As she brushed her teeth, she remembered last night's conversation. Over a wonderful steak dinner and a shared bottle of wine, he had opened up to her much more than he had previously, and she found herself drawn to both his strength and his vulnerability.

As she walked from the master bedroom, he came from the kitchen carrying a tray with coffee, juice, bagels, and some cut fruit. "Hey," he smiled. "You're supposed to be still asleep. How can I surprise you with a bedside breakfast if you're not in bed?"

"The food looks great", she answered. "Can we eat on the balcony? The morning looks wonderful outside." As she glanced downward, she realized the only thing he was wearing was a towel from his shower. "Ummm..., you could get dressed a little, I guess", she said with a smile.

"I think we ought to stay naked, personally", he grinned. "You're delightful with no clothes on."

Smiling, she reached for the tray. "Go get some shorts on, horny boy. And hurry, or I'll eat your breakfast." So saying, she turned back into the bedroom, pushed the door onto the balcony open and set the tray on the table there. A moment later, he emerged from the bedroom in shorts and a T shirt.

The breakfast conversation flowed light and lively, as they joked about kids, jobs, and life in general. The warmth of the morning was balanced by a delicious breeze, and the songs of the birds played a melodious counterpoint to the happy cries of some children playing in the park.

Finishing her coffee, she stood and grabbed his hand. "Come here", she said. And she led him back into the bedroom. As she turned and pulled the door closed behind him, she pressed her body against his and backed him to the wall. She looked up into his eyes and whispered, "Thanks for the breakfast. Now stand real still, OK?" And she leaned forward to kiss him, slowly at first, but building quickly into a hungry, passionate clinch filled with tiny licks, soft bites, and light moans of anticipation and wanting.

She pulled his T shirt off, and dropped her gown into a puddle at her feet. He reached forward and gently rolled her stiffening nipples between his fingers. As she slid slowly down, kissing his neck, then his chest, he could feel her excited nipples, first hard against his chest, and then his stomach. As her tongue slowly circled his nipples, she felt his cock spring to attention against her stomach, exactly as she had hoped. She pushed toward him, forcing him more tightly to the wall as she sucked harder on each nipple. As her tongue danced across his chest, she felt him twitch against her stomach and began the slow descent across his stomach to her ultimate goal. "Put your hands on your head", she whispered. He did.

She felt totally in control as she slowly knelt in front of him. His engorged penis was beautiful, she thought as she lightly stroked it with her right hand. With her left, she gently cupped his sac and testicles. She leaned forward and began to lightly kiss the head and sides of his cock, feeling it harden even more urgently in her hands. She had to pull downward a little to get the head to her mouth; he was so hard his cock wanted to jut straight up to the ceiling. She heard a light moan, and looked up into his eyes as she slid the wonderfully smooth head of his dick into her mouth. She stroked the base of his cock gently and lightly caressed his testicles. As she tried to take more of him in her mouth, she could feel his trembling need. His hips thrust gently, almost unknowingly, as his body strained toward the pleasure she was giving. She slid her mouth from the head of his penis and leaned forward to lick his testicles, jacking his cock slowly with her hand.

She had started this with every intention of making him cum in her mouth, she wanted to taste him, to give him that orgasmic release and suck every drop from his cock and swallow it. But a tingling sensation low in her belly told her that she wanted him inside her, too. She slowly stood and gave him the choice. Gazing into his eyes, she slowly continued to stroke his thickly hot penis. "Do you want to cum in my mouth", she hoarsely whispered, "or in my hot, wet, little pussy?"

"Oh, jeez,... both", he moaned, his hips still lightly thrusting his cock into her stroking grip. "No, wait, I want to cum into you from behind." "Hmmm..., very nice", she murmured. So saying, she turned and climbed up into the middle of the bed on all fours. Then she lowered her head to a pillow and raised her sweetly rounded ass to her lover, surrendering her previous control and offering herself to his lusty gaze.

She felt his hands gently pull her ankles a little farther apart and then felt his breath on her butt as he slowly kissed each silky cheek. She felt him shift as his kisses slowly made their way down to her moist cleft, and then felt his tongue lap gently at the base of her pussy. Almost of its own accord, her right hand stole down to gently rub the rapidly rising bud that was her clit. She couldn't believe how good it felt to have his tongue tracing the folds of her labia from behind while she gently massaged the now stiff nub at the top of her wet pussy.

After a couple of minutes of rapidly escalating excitement from his kisses and her caresses, she felt his weight shift. Then he teasingly placed the head of his cock where his tongue had been only moments before. He slowly ran the full, hot roundness of his cockhead along the slippery lips of her vagina. Back and forth, teasing her each time he neared the entry to her pussy with just a little thrust, barely pushing her lips apart and not quite entering her. Finally, when she felt she just had to have him inside of her, she thrust herself back while the head was at her opening. She felt the satisfying thickness of his cock slide into her about a third of the way, pushing against the walls of her pussy and filling her there. She held still for a second, and then felt him withdraw just a bit. He slowly began to push farther into her. Gently he moved in and out, filling her a little more completely each time. Finally, she felt his hard stomach against the soft cheeks of her ass as he completely buried his shaft inside the clasping wetness of her trembling pussy.

Her fingers began to dance across her clit more quickly as they held still for a moment, savoring the feel of her around him. Then he began to move back and forth again, increasing tempo as she responded by thrusting back when he entered her. The feelings of complete fullness alternated with moments of anticipatory emptiness as he withdrew. Then he would thrust forward again, filling her each time. As they each neared the pinnacle of climax, she felt his balls slapping lightly against the lips of her vagina each time he thrust; her fingers were almost frantically rubbing her clit.

Suddenly, she felt every muscle in her stomach, her butt, her thighs, even her calves and feet contract as a powerful orgasm crashed through her. As she tightened uncontrollably, she felt him drive into her and hold it as he groaned his way through his own orgasm. Their bodies locked together, they trembled and jerked against each other as the spasms slowly subsided. After a moment, she felt him lie gently to the side, pulling her with him into a spoons shape, his penis still clasped inside her.

"My god, that was wonderful", he breathed against her neck. He breathed in the scent of her hair and nuzzled against her. "When we wake up, it's your turn to do lunch, I did breakfast." And then they drifted off into a post-coital haze of drowsy comfort. "What a great way to spend Saturday morning...", was her thought as she fell asleep.

Thank you, readers, for letting me share my fantasy with you.


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