Life is...  

rm_inthecards61 56M
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3/22/2006 7:29 pm
Life is...

All of us go through the highs and the lows (hopefully without going through the manic-depressive extremes) of life

I can say that in the past few days, I have seen the lows go dipping below normal (witness: getting rear-ended in rush hour traffic, etc.)

But the highs have been wonderful recently - I am looking for a new job, and may already have found some success along that avenue. I am talking with a wonderful lady whose outlook promises to make her a long-time friend, no matter what else may transpire. My kids seem to be happy; and the highs are definitely outweighing the lows right now...

Life is...

on the upside, my friends!

I hope that your lives are giving you enough of the tough ride that you really enjoy the smooth spots

Be good and be happy - especially you, sweet lady.

Today's question:

Have you heard of the avian influenza, are you worried at all, and have you done anything about it? (OK, that's three questions, so sue me.)

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