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3/12/2006 7:51 pm
Finally back online...

Hello everybody!

Haven't posted in a while, because I've been down with the flu... yuck!

Anyway... A lovely lady e-mailed me today, after reading my profile, and suggested that she would like a little fantasy that includes some food fun

Now, I think that many of us have at some time or another "played with our food". And if you haven't, well, rent 9 1/2 Weeks sometime and watch what can be done in the kitchen!

So here's a little story...

Jenny and James had a good day. The canoeing had been wonderful, the sun warm, and the weather perfect. A picnic lunch under a picturesque oak beside the river had left Jenny feeling that pleasurable tingle that she was sure would turn into a wonderful round of lovemaking that night. She had spent the day watching James' muscles ripple as he skillfully guided the canoe downriver, and now she imagined those muscled arms pulling her close as he kissed her...

Jenny was preparing the ingredients for fajitas and lost in the pleasant daydream of those kisses when she heard James come into the kitchen. She felt his strong hands on her hips as he leaned in close and inhaled the scent of her hair. His hands slid liquidly up to caress the sides of her breasts, then moved farther to the front to cup them over her bikini top.

"The grill is ready, should I start cooking the meat, yet?", he asked in her ear.

"Not quite yet, but you could cut up the onion for me", she replied.

“Sure thing, gorgeous…”, and he turned to grab the onion and began expertly slicing it on the cutting board. Jenny missed his hands on her already…

“Damn, we should put dinner on hold”, James thought to himself. A full day of exercise paddling the canoe, seeing Jenny looking so hot in her two-piece bathing suit, and a little playful splashing now and then had left James eagerly anticipating making love with his beautiful lady that night.

After a couple of minutes, James finished the onion and set the food to the side. “What are we going to have for dessert” he asked.

“I don’t know. I picked up some fresh fruit at the store, how about we have some of that?”

“Sure. Sounds good.” James opened the fridge and pulled out some oranges, kiwis, strawberries, two peaches, and a jar of maraschino cherries. He started quickly preparing the fruit and was peeling an orange when the fruit juice squirted, nearly catching his eye. “Jeez!”, he exclaimed, quickly averting his face. Jenny laughed, “What, did you get squirted on the face?”

“Shush, young lady, or you’ll get squirted on the face”, James chuckled.

“Hmmm, sounds good to me, if you’ve got enough ‘squirt’ to go around…”

James loved the way their conversations could turn sexual in a heartbeat, and quickly decided to let this one run its course… “Here, does this peach look ripe to you”, he asked, holding the fruit in front of her nose. He squeezed just a little, and a few translucent drops of juice fell onto the swell of her breasts peeking out of her bikini. “Oh damn, now I’ll have to lick it off”, he said, placing the peach half on the counter and turning Jenny toward him.

Jenny smiled and playfully pushed against his chest, but not very hard. “Hey, we’re getting dinner ready here…”

He lowered his face to her breasts and mumbled “Yeah, I know what I want to eat.” He slowly licked the tops of her breasts.

Jenny quickly felt that day long tingle begin to buzz a little more quickly in her tummy.

James reached up and gently slid the straps of her bikini top off her shoulders, exposing more of her beautiful breasts to his gaze and his tongue. As his tongue reached her nipples, Jenny felt the buzz turn to a thrill that reached from her neck to the base of her spine.

Jenny grabbed James’ chin and slowly lifted his face away from her tingling nipples. “Hey, it’s my turn, greedy.” So saying, she reached for an orange half, and peeled a slice from it. She slowly slid the orange slice into her mouth, feeling the firm pulpiness slide across her lips. She bit down and tore the end off the slice and removed it from her mouth. Slowly kneeling, she pulled the front of his trunks way from his muscular stomach and lowered the edge past his stiffening cock.

Jenny dripped a little of the orange juice onto her lover’s cock and then took the head into her mouth. James tasted great, with his normal musky smell and the scent and taste of the orange combined. She slowly took in as much of his penis as she could, and then just as slowly moved her head back, swirling her tongue and sucking on him all the way. “Yum, you taste good”, she breathed, just loud enough for him to hear.

After a couple more minutes of her eager ministrations, James couldn’t take it any more, and pulled Jenny gently up to kiss her. They started slowly… nibbles, soft touches, tongues playfully touching each others’ lips…but built into more ardent, passionate kisses. Their embrace became more urgent, their breathing faster and fuller.

James reached around to undo the clasp on Jenny’s top and felt her reach for the waistband of his trunks at the same time. As he managed to undo the catch and her breasts sprang into view, she slid down and pulled his trunks to the floor. As she stood, he slid his thumbs inside her bikini bottom and gently tugged it downward, kneeling as he slid the cloth down her beautiful thighs. He reached up to the counter and grabbed the first fruit he could touch…

“Ahhh, kiwi”, he thought. “I wonder what that will taste like.” He gently squeezed the slice of kiwi against Jenny’s stomach, just above the downy hair above her cleft. As the juice ran down, he trailed his tongue after it, not stopping until he reached the soft opening he knew so well. He tickled the edges of her nether lips with the tip of his tongue, gently prying them apart. He lapped gently at the little pearl hidden there, and felt Jenny stiffen as his tongue touched.

In moments, they were both on the kitchen floor, fruit scattered around them as James pulled the bowl of sliced fruit off the counter. It was like they couldn’t get enough of each other, the taste of their skin mingled with the aroma and flavor of the fruit as juices squished wherever they smeared their would-be dessert. Soon enough, James found himself astraddle Jenny, holding her wrists aside as he licked the juices off of her nipples and neck.

He softly moved his legs until he was poised above her, his straining cock aching to be lowered into her hot, wet pussy. As he lowered himself, the head of his prick slid into the cleft of her vagina, almost as if it had a mind of its own. He teased slowly, just the smooth, firm head sliding into and out of the ring of muscle guarding her treasure. At last, Jenny said “Now, more, please… put it all the way in…” James lowered himself, seemingly centimeter by centimeter, feeling her take him in. Jenny felt herself stretch to accommodate her lover, and as always, felt that certain fullness as he pushed all the way inside her.

She began to slowly push against her lover. Her hips met his, and then she tightened her muscles as she slowly backed away. Her arms went around his neck and pulled him close, their tongues dancing a tango as their hips began to increase tempo. She felt his strongly muscled arms supporting himself, his rippling stomach slapping against hers as they joined. His hips moved faster, their breath became ragged as they strove toward that perfect union.

James surprised Jenny by suddenly rolling to his side, pulling her over on top of him. Losing her rhythm for just a moment, Jenny quickly adjusted to the new angle, and began to ride James to her completion. As she felt the sweet tension start to rise in her clasping pussy, Jenny rose and sat harder, filling herself with James wonderfully hard cock. Then, as she thrust downward, and James strained upward to match her, she felt the first ripples of her climax. Her muscles began to clinch almost of their own accord, and she then he felt James tighten his muscles. He thrust upward and groaned as his orgasm hit. Jenny, however, lost track of James’ pleasure as bolt after sweet bolt of climax thundered through her lower body, convulsing her from stomach to toes as her pleasure ripped through her.

James felt Jenny squeeze him through the throes of her climax at the same time he felt his own release. For a few moments, he felt as though he couldn’t breathe, and then he began to slide back down to normalcy. Jenny, though, seemed to be still riding the crest of her climax, and James pushed deeply into her, wanting to help her orgasm last as long as he could make it. When she finally opened her eyes again and smiled down at him, he felt as though he were a god.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a thought came flashing to him. “SHIT! The barbeque is still going!” And, laughing, they got up to continue making dinner together…

Thanks for reading...

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