Fantasy - or.....?  

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3/28/2006 7:36 pm
Fantasy - or.....?

Her breasts rose and fell, her breath catching in her throat as the sweet spasms caught her with each lick and suck. Her nipples tautened and stiffened as he lavished his attention on them - only to relax when he would back off for a moment to give pause to their rising excitement. She had never seen her nipples so large, engorged, and deliciously sensitive. She swore that she would cum purely from the sensation of his tongue brushing sometimes slowly and sometimes urgently against her nipples. He seemed to alternate his sucking with licking, and that with gentle soft kisses that left her weak with desire and wet with lust.

He brushed a piece of ice gently across each nipple, the heat from her skin melting it rapidly. Putting the ice in his mouth, he sucked gently on her breasts, giving her the twin pleasures of heat and cold. As the ice dissolved, he sucked gently at each nipple, raising them to their fullest, drawing the coolness of the ice from them and leaving them hot and wanting his attentions even more.

Gently his fingers found her soft, wet slit, and massaged the incredibly hard bud their with her own wetness. His tongue sucked and licked her nipples while his fingers teasingly probed and massaged her throbbing clit. He removed his hand from her engorged pussy for just a moment as he held her nipples together and took them in his mouth at the same time. Then he began to gentle circle her clit again with the tip of his finger.

She felt the pressure building and the trembling start as she knew her climax was upon her. Her breath caught in her throat and every muscle seemed to contract simultaneously. Her climax ripped through her like a beam of light through darkest night, and she bathed in the feelings washing over her as her muscles clamped and squeezed their way through her ecstasy.

He held her tightly as the aftershocks slowly subsided, kissing her throat and cheeks and eyes as she slowly came back to earth.

Then, she winked and said - "Hmmmm..., now I think it's your turn..." and led him to the bedroom.

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