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8/16/2005 2:25 pm

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I find it to be very simple.

A relationship is a partnership of two individuals. Over time, the couple deals with many different situations. The individual’s change due to the situations that they are put in and the situations they allow themselves to be in. These changes affect the individuals and in effect change the couple. Due to the changes, the couple has two seemingly simple options.

The first is to adapt to the situation, grow from it, and to become a stronger more effective unit (the military calls it adapt and overcome). The second is to take the situation and to sit on it and stagnate. This option causes the relationship to fester and to rot slowly and to slowly destroy itself. The only choice after that is how you are going to break up.

Tell me what you think. I may be right or wrong, but I want to know what you think.

wyvernrose 39F  
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8/16/2005 5:49 pm

nope your right


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