rm_increbulous 51M
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5/10/2006 9:44 pm

I love the feeling of spooning naked, because then I get to feel your bottom against my penis, get to feel it slowly swell against your crack. Get to stroke it gently between your cheeks, just grazing your cunt. One arm is under your head, the other over your waist, where I can knead sweet handfuls of your breasts. Our foreplay can be just this, kneading, stroking, harder, deeper. Then, adjust one stroke a little, and my head begins to enter you. You lift your upper leg a bit, and the rest of me goes in. Your wetness envelops my cock. We go on as before, I raise one knee for leverage, so I can thrust into you properly. The sensation is intense because you clench your legs together, squeezing my rod is it slides in and out of you. You start to moan and push back against me. This is all I can take and I start to come, splashing your insides with my hot juice as you climax. The peak passes and we stay in the same position, feeling each others' pulsations.

Some time later my cock slips out of you, trailing a string of sperm, but we've fallen asleep, and don't feel it.

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