Hunger in the wee hours  

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4/17/2006 10:23 pm

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Hunger in the wee hours

It's 4:30AM, got nasty on my mind, enjoying your head. It's me behind that cock that you're taking slowly and sweetly down your throat, because you've practiced at no gag, no teeth, just sweet wet mouth flesh against my veins, my corona, my head against your tonsils. You bob up and down because you know how, because it draws sharp breaths of pleasure from me. I'm into recip, so I expertly play my lubed big toe against your clit. You rub it for emphasis as you worship me on your knees. I take your head in my hands, that means I want to move fast. You've been waiting for this. I speed up the strokes, still long, but faster. You expertly keep your mouth and throat positioned, nothing but net. A long moan comes from you as my 8" tool fucks your sweet face. (I said you had a sweet face before I started kissing you.) You grab my ass and ram your nose into my pubic hair. The powerful vortex of your mouth draws a shout from me as I start to pour my come down your throat. My prostate is so full the sperm flows out as if I'm urinating. It takes a full minute for it to stop as I feel you keep swallowing. You disengage slowly from my still-standing cock and kneel. I lift you up. "Come have a seat," I say, pointing to my cheek, "right here."

I lie back on the bed as you raise a leg over me. Facing my feet, you place your knee on the far side of me, and lift the other one to kneel over me straddling. I have a gorgeous view, of your ass and pussy nearing my face, only seconds long but seeming like minutes. I note every detail from the top. Your beautifully sculpted cheeks, that follow the slight trapezoid from your hips, out firmly to the tops of your thighs. The light plays across your skin, and I can see slight goose bumps and the tiny hair in the center of each. Your sweet, winey cunt-smell caresses my nostrils. I gaze from the top of your spreading crack to your shy, tawny anus. Further down, your perineum provides a decent interval before my eyes reach your swollen vagina, already bathed in its juices you made as you sucked me. You've primped your pubic hair from a short shadow on your outer lips to a trimmed bush on your mons. I experience all this until your rear end forcefully lands on my face. Now I am in the wine cellar as your pungent ass and pussy envelop me. I have the slightest access to air as my nose presses full up to your asshole and the lips of your vagina are locked to the ones on my face.

You lever your hips and grind your bottom on my face. I suck your cunt for all I'm worth, trying to get my tongue out on your clit meantime. You like this part; my face, nose and mouth are objects to create friction as you start thrashing against them. You grab my legs above the knees and repeatedly shove your ass down on my face in blunt motions. This is not nuanced cunnilingus, but as aggressive as any fellatio I've taken from you. You abandon yourself to the motion now. My face is your fencepost to scratch your powerful itch. All of you is open, you asshole begins to yawn, I smell your shit-smell as your cunt pours forth into my mouth. Then you run your clitoris and mount full up and down from my nose to my chin. I pull my lips in so you dont tear them. "AaaaahhhhhhHHHH!!!" your scream fills the room, for nearly a minute. You begin slowing your motions, shorter and shorter, and lift your rear end up till finally your soaked, distended labia are just brushing my face. I give a farewell flick of my tongue against your clit as your sweet rear rises away, till after lunch.

vixen088 30F

5/10/2006 12:09 am


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