Tongue the Bung  

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7/18/2006 7:20 pm

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Tongue the Bung

O.K. I admit the whole idea of licking someone else's poop shoot kind of grossed me out. As many people say that is an exit only hole. I get it sounds gross and actually could be gross. But like many kinds of sex that stretches the limit you don't know until you try.

I will never forget how my buddy would say have you licked your girl's ass yet. And I would make my usual look of disgust and then he would say "If you don't lick her ass I can take her away from you" Then he would get into some graphic visuals of picking the corn out or her but hole and pretty much I would say please can we talk about anything else. After years of this type of talk from my buddy it started to creep into my mind "maybe girls really do like this" Maybe I am not pleasing my girlfriend enough.

So one night after we both took a shower together I figured this is the cleanest shot I got to try it. So we began making love on the bed and I was licking her pussy and massaging her clit and just having a party down there as she was getting more and more excited and as I was moving my fingers in and out of her pussy I was licking at the same time and then moving my pinky finger down to her ass giving her 2 fingers in the pussy and one in the ass. She was screaming in ecstacy begging me not to stop. I brought her to a climax and immediately began to drink up her pussy juices and continued to lick more the more I licked the lower I got brushing her ass with my tongue. Instead of her pushing me away she just grabbed my head and pulled me tighter into her pussy and ass I kept licking and then I went in Tongue and all in her butt hole.

She moaned a deep sigh and I continued to finger her pussy as I licked her ass. She was so excited she came again. And that was my first time in the Taboo Hole. I have a great story about being on the receiving end but I would like to hear other stories on the same subject. I look forward to your response.

lostmydrinkagain 45F
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7/18/2006 8:09 pm

Oh damn, I love these stories. I was so shocked the first time my lover licked my ass, but the shock was soon replaced by so much pleasure. I can't even describe it. One day I was in the mood to play with myself, so I popped in a new porn...the very first scene was of a girl licking a guys ass, I came right then and there. I thought I have got to try this, so I asked my lover and he said yes. needless to say it is something I want to try again and again. If you would like to read a more detailed story about my INFUCKINGCREDIBLE experience, check out my blog titled New experience [blog 411676]

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