Looking at a Few Assumptions  

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8/30/2005 6:46 pm

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Looking at a Few Assumptions

For my first blog post, I want to take a look at a few assumptions regarding men who are attracted to women older than themselves. I’m not trying to make any definitive statements here, only speaking from my own point of view.

Teacher Role - I really don’t know what truth there is to this. As much as I find older women attractive, I don’t necessary consider a 50 year old woman to be more sexually knowledgeable than a 30 year old one. And if this was exactly what I was looking for, I would change my own search to “ultra-experienced woman who likes to give dispassionate vocal feedback.” Which is kind of funny, because that is almost the diametrical opposite of what I want.

Dominant Role - For me, absolutely not. I’m not submissive at all.

Oedipal Complex - I think Freud is overrated, and this theory is as well. Yes, it is true that incest fantasies are very common, as can be verified by looking at the adult stories posted on Usenet. But, and this is only my guess, I'd say the vast majority of people who might find these mother-son stories arousing aren’t thinking in terms of their own mothers…they have an image of some other women in mind who isn’t their actual mother, but who they cast in that role. A mythical mother in a mythical family.

Evolution of Past Attractions - By this, I mean a physical attraction to older women that began at an early age and progresses as you get older. Older women were seen as more desirable with the first sexual awakenings, and this lingered even when you reached the same age as the women you were first attracted to. I think there might be something to this, but don’t know if it is all that significant.

Do I have an easy answer to this? No, although I will try to throw out some ideas in future posts.

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