Fridays, thunderstorms & migraines  

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1/13/2006 8:00 pm

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Fridays, thunderstorms & migraines

Well, first off...thank GOD Friday's finally here! With Christmas and New Year's both being shortened work weeks, this first "long" week of the year is finally over with!

(frantically searches for his Maker's Mark...)

Is it possible to love the rain, but yet hate it at the same time? It's rained all day, which of course just keeps me "tingly" (mmmmm....), but I *hate* driving in the stuff - totally ruins the mood! Grrr

Lastly, anyone have any home remedies on how to control migraines? Tried Topamax ...makes me dizzy and nauseous...not good. Best I've been able to do is when I feel one approaching, take 2 Excedrin Migraine and wait 10 minutes. If I catch it early enough, it usually never goes above a dull roar in my head ...but the headaches are ALWAYS in the same place. In my ocular nerve, just behind my right eyeball ...and it's excruciatingly painful ...I have to put my palm against my eyebrow and "push" against it with all the force I can just to keep my brain from exploding!

I've had all the tests done ..the MRI's, the cat-scans ...the docs found nothing wrong with me. I thought the first time I was having an aneurysm, and got scared. What a waste of time.

I know that migraines are more common as you age, and I've been prescribed reading glasses to wear when in front of the computer (bad me, rarely use them unless my eyes are already hurting...) I wonder if this could be the onset of something else?

On another note, anyone familiar with, or have/have had WPW (Wolfe-Parkinson-White)? It's a heart condition that is *supposedly* repairable via a catheter through my groin and up into my heart. Naturally, I'm a little nervous about having the procedure done ...wouldn't mind hearing a little reassurance from others who may have experience with it.

Normally, I don't post on the weekends - guess I felt especially chatty tonight. Weird.

Ok, taking bets here - will Michael and Neela get their marriage annulled? Will he go back to Iraq? Will Luka and Abby get married? Anyone miss the "old" E.R?

These are things I *must* know! LOL

Yes, I love my E.R. Thank God for TiVo!

Have a great weekend, everyone

TexasMar 45F

1/14/2006 7:17 am

Hi hon,

As a LONG time suffer of miagraines, I know how you feel. I started having them at 16. I also know that one little spot you are talking about. Mine is on the left. If you cant take Topomax which is what I have been taking for years, have you tried a preventative? That is going to depend on how often you have them. I have a miagraine atleast two or three a week. So my doctors have me on the topomax, but they can put you on a beta blocker. There are many out there that should not make you dizzy. Of course there are also the actual miagraine pills for the actual headache once it hits you like a brick falling out of the sky. I take Maxalt MLT. It disolves under yout tongue. But there is the imitrex pill or shot. I cant take that one it makes my heart race. There are so many out.

Home remedies. Ice packs, heating pad, if you can stand that, that makes me want to throw up, (the heat, I need the ice). Be cafeful with Excedrin Miagraine because of the rebound headaches it causes. I take it too but it does cause rebound headaches after awhile. Also, watch what you eat. Be aware of things like peanuts, chocolate, wine, MSG, lunch meats have a lot of MSG, chinese foods have a lot of MSG. If you are a wine drinker, the grapes in wine and the way the process it causes miagraines, ESPECIALLY white zinfadeles.

The weather can trigger a miagraine, If the barametric pressure drops fast goes from hot to cold fast that will trigger a miagraine. When it is about to rain. I know you like the rain hon...but be prepared for that barametric pressure to drop. I can ALWAYS tell when it is about to rain by a few hours. I can feel it coming with my headache coming on.

I know I babbled a lot here but I hope it helps. My sister is a nurse and also a long time suffer we have both had them so bad we have ended up in the hospital. If I cant answer a question about them I call her. I hope you feel better.

Keep me updated on yours ok!!

rm_Synn74 43F
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1/14/2006 11:00 pm

I have them too *groans * and mine love the spot right at my neck
like I have a 500lb weight pressed there ...owwww

I take topramax it helps but if I can "feel" it starting I take excedrin and head for bed.. also I found when I drink hot chai tea it helps me with the nausea and the caffine boost helps too

usually mine only hit once a month as the norm sometimes I'll ill prepared fot their attack
so I consider myself blessed not to suffer as some do

so good luck and I hope you find what makes you feel better when they do occur


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