4some or 3some?  

rm_imfamus 38M
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4/3/2006 11:26 am

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4/3/2006 12:09 pm

4some or 3some?

Ok people, Listen up! I need your help on this one.
I had my first 3some or maybe a 4some last weekend. I'm not sure what to call it for sure because it started out with four people and then one person chickened out and went to bed. But I can tell you it was awsome though. I was really high on the liquor and dont really remember if I got to finish cuz when I drink I can go forever before I cum. But I do remember the fucking and eating pussy parts. I tell you what though, that shit is exhuasting. So if your gonna do it make sure you double up on your vitamins c & b cuz man what a work out.
The 4th person started out with us all but a lil bit into it she decided she wasn't confident enough with her body and just kinda hung out and watched before going to bed. As for the rest of us WE GOT IT ON LIKE DONKY KONG!!

SO what I need from you as a reader is to write me and tell me what you think I can classify this encounter as. A 3some cuz I really only had sexual contact with 2 other chicks or a 4some cuz we started with 3 chicks even though one backed out but still watched? and oh ya I got pictures to prove it. Ha Ha.

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