how many ways can you use the word fuck?  

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8/18/2006 6:58 am
how many ways can you use the word fuck?

It is unbeleivable the different fuckin ways this international word is used! Can you add some other uses to this. you can't? that's fucked up!

• "Let's fuck."
• "That was a good fuck."
• "I can't believe she's fucking him!"
• "Fuck you!" (I don't like you; leave me alone.)
• "He's a dumb fuck." (He's an idiot.)
• "Sorry, I fucked up your computer." (Sorry, I damaged or crashed your computer.)
• "He's pretty fucked up." (He's mentally or emotionally unstable.)
• "I fucked up on this test." (I did poorly on this test.)
• "Let's fuck around for a couple hours." (Let's waste a couple of hours.)
• "I'm fucked." (Consequence.)
• "Fuck off!" (Go away.)
• "What the fuck!?" (What on earth just happened?)
• "Shut the fuck up!" OR "Fuck up!" (Stop Talking - See also "Shut Up".)
• "I'm so fucked up right now." (I am extremely drunk or high on drugs/generally confused or "messed up"..)
• "You fuckface!"(Dumb person)
• "He's a fat fuck!"(He's a fat person)
• "I'm fucked up!"(I'm intoxicated.)
• "Go fuck yourself!" (Get away from me)
• "Fuck stick!" (dumb person)
• "Motherfucker!" (one who has sex or screws with his mom or mother, a particularly abrasive person see Asshole)
• "Fuck it!" (Oh well, or screw it!)
• "Fuck!" (Plain and simply used A replacement of damn usually used as an exclamation of surprise, pain, fear, or anger. In its raw form it is very versatile and has many applications as being an exclamation.)
• "None of your fucking business!"
• "Un-be-fucking-lievable!" (Very unbelievable)
• "Unfucking-believable!" (Very unbelievable)

• "I'm so fucking tired."
• "Shut the fuck up!"
• "Abso-fuckin-lutely!"
• "Fan-fucking-tastic!"
• "Oh, Fuck!" (Something unpleasant happened.)
• "He's a great fucker!" (He's a great fellow, not he's sexually competent.)
• "Fucking fuck those fucking fuckers!" ("Forget about those very disliked people.")
• "Fucking fucker's fucking fucked!" ("It is broken.")
What are you doing fucking in my bed?
What are you fucking doing in my bed?
A verb
He fucked her
They fucked all night, fucking everywhere!
I'm not going down there, fuck that, dude!
I'm not doing that. Fuck outta here! (Forget it!)
A noun

She is a real fuck. (non-specific insult)
She is a good fuck. (specific reference to sexual skill)
We had a good fuck last night. (as a sexual action)
I'm being sent to Bumfuck, Egypt BFE. (The middle of nowhere; any remote place. Possibly of military origin)

An interjection
Fuck! A punctured tire!
• Fuck! They've hacked this computer!
• Fuck! This is the best movie EVER!
Another variation sometimes used is fuckin' a!

A past participle.
My fucking boss made me work all weekend.
She is fuckin' hot.
! that was abso-fuckin-lutely cool
The hard drive crashed, so now the database is fucked.
Your engine's fucked because you forgot to change the oil!
Now that the electricity is out, your computer is fucked.
You were completely fucked last night.

Verb phrase
• I did ten shots in ten minutes, and now I'm totally fucked up!
• The bouncer really fucked up that guy who kept causing trouble.
My sister's been really fucked up since her fiancé dumped her
Describing something as "to be fucked up" can mean that it is morally or otherwise "wrong".
• She stole my wallet while I was passed out; that's so fucked up!
"To fuck over" connotes betrayal or a generally unfavorable act.
• Yeah, he slept with my girlfriend. I can't believe he fucked me over like that!
• I got fucked over at work today ‒ they promoted my assistant instead of me.
That's fugly (fucking ugly).
You fucktard (fucking retard).
You flooser! (fucking loser)
Godfuck! (god-damn-fuck)
Her name is, fuck... What the fuck was her name again?
How the fuck many fuckin ways can you fuckin use this fuckin word? Fuckin ‒ a !

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