Getting a hard-on the easy way  

rm_imakemlaff 63M
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9/10/2006 3:44 pm
Getting a hard-on the easy way

There’s this cattle rancher who has a bull he wants to start fucking the cows so he can increase the size of his heard. Unfortunately the bull will have nothing to do with any of the cows. So the rancher calls the vet who comes to the ranch, goes up to the first female cow, shoves his hand into the cow’s pussy and immediately rubs the bull’s nose with the juices. The bull gets a huge erection, and fucks all the cows on the ranch.
That night the farmer is lying in bed next to his snoring wife of 35 years. He starts thinking ‘ya know I haven’t been interested in having sex with my wife in months’ and he wonders if what the vet did to the bull would work for him. His wife is sound asleep, snoring away, so he reaches over and gently sticks his finger into his wife’s pussy, pulls out and rubs his nose, nothing happens. He tries it again, sticks his finger in his wife’s pussy gets it wet, rubs his nose, still nothing happens. Trying one more time he sticks three fingers in her pussy, wiggles them around getting them nice and juicy, pulls out and rubs his nose with the juices. He gets a hard on that’s unlike one he has had in years. Being excited he shakes his wife gently and tells her ‘honey wake up Wake up’ She’s a little aggravated rolls over turns the light on, looks at her husband and asked ‘You woke me up for a bloody nose?’

bustybettyboop 51F  
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9/20/2006 6:25 pm

lmfao!!!!! omg! lol!

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