You were there a second ago.....  

rm_iluv314 53M
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5/25/2006 3:29 pm
You were there a second ago.....

One of the things that really irks me about this site and others, is the way people tell you they have no interest in you. And they usually do that by not responding to you ever again.

Here is an example from here. Started chatting with a female half of a couple. Things were going well and I was beginning to think I may actually get to meet someone from here. Before initiating the chat, I had invited them to my network (this comes into play in a bit).

I answered her questions and I asked a few, and as I said, I was feeling good about the whole thing. She told me that I would have to chat with her husband to see how he felt about me. I had no problem with that since if the opportunity arose, I was going to be there with the two of them. So I waited to hear from him.....

Didn't hear anything that night, so it was off to bed. The next day I checked mail and didn't see anything, but guess what? They denied my network invitation, which I interpreted as not being interested. I emailed them and asked but never heard back.

And this is the point of this rambling...if you don't have an interest, or hubby isn't interested, or whatever, just say so. This is a sex site, which kind of implies that we're all adults here, yet people, for some reason, can't be adult enough to say "hey, thanks but no thanks?" I've been turned down before and I will be again. No, it's not fun being turned down, but I respect the ones that do so by at least telling me so, instead of giving me the silent treament.

Now I have to find someone that's a real person on this site so that she can turn me down. Good luck to all the searchers.

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