Sliding down the Pole...  

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9/5/2006 6:45 am

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Sliding down the Pole...

Well, i finally got to meet a couple off the site... Tomassex. What a night!

We met at a local hotel, I bought my friend with me (the wonderful Bill, of KirstenAndBill) just to make sure I was safe with them. Becia and Tomas turned up at 730... we got on immediately. They asked if Bill would like to stay as well, so we got a room...

We got to the room and the booze was FLOWING. Becia invited me to join her in the shower... well, that's an offer you don't get every day, so it would've been rude not to! Bill and Tomas were loving it, taking pictures of us both getting wet and steamy.

We eventually got onto the bed... Becia is a serious hotty! She has got fabulous tits, I loved just playing with them and sucking them! She played with my clit, and went down on me. What a turn on. She turned around and we had a 69... fan-fucking-tastic. Bill was still taking pictures, and Tomas joined in.

It all became a bit of a blur at this point, I have to confess. My main recollection is of us all lying on the bed, with Becia facing me, and fucking me with my strap on. I came so hard and fast that I spurted everywhere.

At some point after that, things went horribly wrong for me. Because of the bloody antibiotics I've been taking for this bloody gynae stuff, I felt really ill. Next time, I won't consume as much alcohol. I went and sat out on the balcony, and left those three to it for a bit.

God, the things I missed. I've seen the pictures. I can't fucking believe I missed it. What an absolute turn-on. One of my major fantasies, AND I WAS ASLEEP OUTSIDE THE DOOR!!!! AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! Gutted!!!

Anyway. Bill and I eventually left at just after 3am. He'd had a great night, I'd had a brilliant night (apart from the whole sleep thing), and we can't wait to do it again.

The sooner the better.

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