Look out, here I cum!  

rm_ilketowatch 54M
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7/30/2005 9:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Look out, here I cum!

Woke up horny as hell this morning. The wife is away on business, looks like I'll have to take matters into my own hands again. Went out on to the veranda, it's nice and sunny but that breeze has got a bit of a chill to it. Computer room looks like the better option today. I settle into my comfy high back chair and log on, the sun streaming through the window warming my crotch. I surf the usual sites, giving my stiffening cock the occasional stroke. Wish my hands would warm up a bit faster! I settle into a bit of a rhythm. Find a good site, slowly stroke my shaft,fondle my balls, pinch my nipples and rub the pre-cum into the head of my dick,until I'm close to cumming. Move onto the next site. Repeat. I've been going for over an hour and don't want to draw it out any longer. I put on a slide show of my favourite porn and reach for the bottle of oil, it's time to get serious. The screen is filled with images of women and couples. There is sucking, licking, fucking, masturbation and cum shots. I lean back in my chair, slowly massaging the oil into my rock hard cock and my balls. On the screen in front of me the images come and go. My tempo increases, my heart is racing. I'm gonna cum! Semen splatters on my chest as spasms wrack my body. Christ that felt good! I lay back in my chair, slowly stroking my dick as my erection fades and my pulse slows. I guess it's time for a shower.
Sitting back at my computer trying to type this up my cock is hardening once more, distracting me, making hard to concentrate. I've warned it before against doing that. Guess I'd better give it a damn good thrashing!

The Watchers thought for today: Repent all your sins, for the second cumming is nigh!

tolongtolong90 60
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7/31/2005 7:09 am

Applause, applause, nice story and good luck with your writing

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