The best offer around  

rm_ilikedic06 30F
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7/19/2006 11:40 am

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7/25/2006 6:53 pm

The best offer around

Ok well now that i have your attention, I would like to give everyone a little bit of advise as well as a little piece of my life. i am a telemarketer(give it to me i can sell it.) lol.okay okay dotn stop reading this because i am not try ing to sell you anything. but anyways i make about 400 calls a day and guess what about 390 of those people hang up on me after i say my name(talk about rejection.) but the point here, i am only calling you people to either give a better deal or to compete with what you already have. which essentially means i am tryin to save you money, so my question is how is that you are too busy too allow me to help you save money when too tell you what i am offerin takes oh about 33 SECONDS.. and then if you do listen why be so damn rude because ya know what its not like i wanted to call to here you bitch. and alos just so you know that even though you are on the do not call list, you are a customer of ours so we can call you anyways...haha..any product you have through or company sets you up for calls as with any company...i dont mean to vent work related issues but i figured almost all of you get these calls and hang up not realizing we are helpin you.Like my mother says, patients is a virtue and also treat others how you would wanna be treated. by sayin patients is a virtue i mean if you take 33 SECONDS to listen tot he person on the phone just think how much money you might end up saving. and by sayin do unto others as you want done to youi mean this, you would not want anyone to hang up on you or call you names. so i cant understand why you would do this too anyone else. we are doing you a courtesy by calling you i guess let me know how you feel on this...
love ya manda

glidecc 43M  
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7/19/2006 12:40 pm

Personally, I just say "no thank you" and hang-up quickly. I know it's rude to hang up on people but I don't want to waste the telemarketer's time.

You have a rough job so don't take it too hard.

TonyPlays 65M

7/19/2006 12:54 pm

Sweetheart, I'm a little busy right now, but if you give me your home phone number, I'll call you when you get home. Perhaps we can discuss it then. BTW I love sex too!

Seriously, I do hope you make a lot of money on your job.

amoldenough 71F
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7/19/2006 1:02 pm

I do the same thing. I try to be polite. Some telemarketers will keep on going and going like the energizer bunny even after you have said no several times. They call at inconvenient times, during dinner and as late as 10 pm, plus they call on Sundays and holidays, which I don't appreciate. I know that telemarketers have to sell a service or product in order to make a living, but some of us just don't want to be bothered. I don't even answer the phone if it says toll free call ore unknown name unknown number, but now I'm seeing some with actual phone numbers and names that are telemarketers.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

rm_BWfire 60M
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7/20/2006 12:47 pm

Listen to yourself ... you are not making the best use of your time. You are 18, these are your "seed-planting" years, go to school, get skills and get into a profession. Telemarketing is not a good investment, there simply is so little future in it.

I'm not telling you what to do, but I suggest you give genuine consideration to the military. Consider my experience at 18, in 1976. At this point in time the Viet Nam war had been over for 4 years and there were thousands of GI Bill graduates coming out of Universities on top of all the Gaurd/Reservist who may or may not have deployed. This had a profound effect on job market for people who didn't have Veterans preference points.

Very soon a new cycle of veterans will pour into the market, at the same time as the economy strains under the weight of all this spending without taxes and exploding oil prices, you're likely to see recession; think about it, do you think the military/industrial complex is going to volunteer to take the first cuts?

Something you might very well face in the future is discrimination based on the fact you are not a veteran. I'm not against Vet preference and frankly neither is most of America, this will have direct effect on your life, at least in terms of employment.

TonyPlays 65M

7/20/2006 3:05 pm

Well, it sounds like you are a good salesperson. Perhaps you can find something to sell where the compensation is better.

rm_SwiftUT 33M

7/21/2006 7:15 am

Well, I'll say that you definitely have my respect for just taking the job. I absolutely hate talking on phones let alone selling stuff. I'm involved in customer service and I do have little bit more sympathy for those who have to deal with rude people. I don't like to buy things over the phone but the least someone can do is be courteous about it. Its a job, its nothing personal.

rm_ilikedic06 30F
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7/22/2006 10:57 am

I am actually a college student full time and i work part time to make money...and i think the pay is wonderful every two weeks i get a 700$ paycheck as well as a 1000$ bonus check..i never intended on doing this my whole life and too be honest i think that BWFIRE is completely wrong, telemarketing is a very big industry my dad has been in it since he was twenty and now he makes 130 grand a year and he just runs a center. besides that there are always new opprotunities which the pay can range over 15 an hour..and the military is not a good option for me only because i am terrified to i think that i can do what i want with out someone in my face...military is not for everyone..i have two grandparents who work for hill air force base here in utah and my mom works for whiteman air force base in missouri so i know the life... and i can also understand the fear of buyin over the phone because of all the slammin that happened in the 90s but thats all you have to say and we dont call you any more

rm_chilidog73rd 43M

7/24/2006 11:52 am

Having experienced working in the Telemarketing industry myself, I can honestly empathise with you. Back in Highschool, I never thought that I would be in telemarketing, but I did end up working at it for a while. People really do (in my opinion) overreact to these calls. I can also understand why they do not like to get those calls. I, however, have never found it that difficult to spend a few moments listening to what the caller has to say. It has never hurt me to listen and give a moment of thought to what they are offering. Once or twice, I even decided to go ahead and take them up on their offer. The important thing to remember is that, whatever your hang-up may be, whatever reason you may have to dislike the inerruption/disturbance, you really should consider the fact that the person you are speaking to is a human being, complete with his/her own thoughts and feelings. I think that warrants at least basic courtesy and respect. Now, if they get overly pushy and can't take no for an answer, then I can understand why you might get short with them. In that case, I still try to be civil - there's no reason to loose you temper. Just think - by reducing your behavior to rude/crude treatment of another person, you're demeaning yourself - not them. Rise above your petty feelings of irritation and maintain civility. I appologize for the lengthy post, but I believe very deeply in good manners and ettiquette.

funkentjay1 57M

7/25/2006 9:44 am

I will listen and if am intersted i will hear the rest. But i will always be polite and never hang up. Kent

rm_ilikedic06 30F
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7/25/2006 6:53 pm

well i definately appriciate is just easier to lisen anyways cuz if not we call back lol

SteelerMan13 42M
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9/29/2006 9:35 pm

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