landing feet first  

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1/22/2006 5:43 am

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landing feet first

first let me say hello to all who are searching and perving...I have been on this site for a number of years in all kinds of form...changing profiles...changing handles....changing moods all because i never could quite make the connection i wanted to see for me it all has to do with the mind and body and soul...dont start on me yet...yes a physical attraction has to come into play...i am human...but to make it complete all the other aspects i have mentioned arouse the hell out of me..i have met very witty, open minded, humorous, over the top, intelligent and OH MY GOD personalities on this site...but never could make a complete and fulfilling connection...until recently...someone who arouses me so deeply.....again here dont start chuckling....i am not talking about love or crying out 'SHES THE ONE'... it takes great leaps and bounds for that to occur...i am talking about a woman so profound in life and spirit as well as sex appeal that just makes my loins mind has been i tell her it makes my head spin...she knows all to well what that yes i have made the long fall through AdultFriendFinder land...and have landed on my feet...i toast all those you have reached there and may someday reach there...enough can all go back to searching and perving...have fun

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1/24/2006 6:20 pm you are not calling out "she's the one" just the one who blew you and your mind? Interesting...I agree this site can be benefical, yet things can also get lost. It could be lost in translation, ie; what two people are looking for or lost via mail because you miss out on someone you have been checking out when your mail is two weeks late. No one should give up. Look at how some land on their feet. I have met three amazing people here. Two that I can't wait to further our time together and one I had such an incredible afternoon with, I would sort of consider him a friend. It was if we had known eachother for years. We were comfortable in eachothers company and always had something to talk about. Conversation can be key. You always want there to be an attraction at least in some sense. It could be mentally or physically. Some of us are on other sites. I know I have seen a number of people in this area that are also on the more "sterile" sites. Maybe they just ran across this site. Maybe they too are "freaks" and want to let out their inner voice. Discovery is half the fun when you first meet someone. Have fun! Discover eachother. You might learn something about yourself!

rm_ibis06 59M

1/31/2006 4:22 pm

to wittygirl4u......interesting your choice of handle...first and foremost of importance is the fact that you are a "GIRL'....and also of importance, but, not in the least is that you are 'WITTY' people who can shoot from the hip and lay it on the line...especially when they are from the fairer sex....thank you for sharing some of what you have experienced on this site...and you are so correct in pointing out that conversation is key...even though visual stimuli is created first....if the mind can not be captured likewise, then, all else is meaning less...unless of course you love the water but could care less about getting know what i mean....and if you are rolling your eyes...please stop...if this is all anybody wants from here thats great too initself.....i have done and gone that route too....its just that its really something special when a connection is made...and i am glad to know that you have experienced some of what i have...good luck to you is very rare in this little hole we call gods country that we find what we seek...chris

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