The Definition of Bad Sex, and Some Other Tidbits  

rm_hwyronin 44M
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4/9/2006 9:47 pm

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The Definition of Bad Sex, and Some Other Tidbits

As I have spent my time here in the AdultFriendFinder world I have often wondered if others have had the same thoughts as I have. In no way do I mean the generic thoughts of the meaning of life, do I look sexy enough, or even am I good lover. What I want to know is your definition of bad sex. I only ask in order to classify my own findings as common or extraordinary.
Let me begin with I love sex and everything that is involved. Anything from sensual touching and kissing to the all-out, toe-curling, I can't believe I just got off 8 times kind of sex. However, it is those rare times when the chemistry is all wrong, your partner isn't very good, or just the moon isn't aligned right and you want to just get the fuck out of there that is what I am interested in.

What goes through your mind? Me, personally, in those situations my mind usually wanders and I have odd thoughts. A recent encounter brought all this on. At the very onset I was looking for a way to end this quickly. I kept hoping the motel would catch fire and we would be forced out of the bed. Then I realized the only way out .........was to finish. She was attractive and pleasant. However, her conversation topics were rather mundane.

As she leaned over the dresser and fondly smiled I begrudgingly obliged and gave her what she wanted. As she let out a approving sigh and began bucking (normally I would be turned on by this) I began to study everything around me.....the color of carpet, the design of the wall paper. I even contemplated faking an orgasm and pretending that I was a 3 pump chump so she would never be interested again.

During this encounter I thought about what I was going to eat for dinner. I actually went through a litany of choices their pros and cons......all during sex. I mentally completed my to do list for the next day and I think I actually figured out what I going to buy my grandmother for Christmas during this.

After what seemed like and eternity, we finished. A few kind words and some small talk and we were on our separate ways......and I was left to ponder!hwyronin

jrocasia 47F

4/10/2006 12:01 am

First off, holy shit you had me rolling. Second, don't ever subject yourself to obligatory sex again. You are far to funny and honest to do that to yourself and others. It is such a waste of a good thing, except you did disprove the myth that men can not multitask (please laugh at that).
The better thing to do, for both of you is be honest. This way she does not go off feeling like a fool when you never speak again, nor assuming she is the shit and can get any man. Not to say what you did was wrong, just funny to hear come from man. See so often when we (women) are speaking of sex it is moments like what you had, where we are hoping he will 'just get it over with'.

Almost all women will tell you of many, several, or the smart ones,one time they were in the same boat. Ok enough of that you want bad sex you go.

Most recent bad sex story:
So we met, he was shorter and his voice was not as expected. Whiny sorta matched his height. I went into it with no expectations except well, penis size. Yes size does matter. Anyway, I get over the voice cuz the conversation, albeit was focused on him, him and oh yeah him. I was in need.

So getting on with it, things became awkward the minute we were no longer in public. His comments on the room the small chit chat, and our first physical contact. It was like being force fed.Rushed, I have never had a tongue hurt me before. His movements were jerky and awkward, he was rushed and flat out rough. He said he enjoyed foreplay, especially going down, but yikes i was not looking for an exam. Then finally pulling him up so i would not lose total interest, after all I had a goal; the actual act was...unfinished. Who knows maybe he felt the same way I did and was trying to rush through like you were. But this champ kept trying, finally I was like...'ah I gotta go home now'.

We still talk, but we wont hook up that way again.

Bad sex # 2.
My co-worker, a much younger man than I, (a weakness I have/had) was so friggin hot and from a small town. Little experience with women who don't like drunken jackhammer fucking and that made it seem so much sweeter. Handsome, naive and hung like a horse.

Needless to say after much deliberation talk and accidental touching we went out, an even though size matters....well so does endurance. Three pump wonder, I wish, it was maybe two at most. I tried to keep up the training regiment, but gave up after a few months. So needless to say I learned two things, size and duration matter, and the come with age.

Hope my bad experiences made you laugh and cringe as they did me. talk to ya,

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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4/10/2006 7:41 am

welcome to blogging....

hope you'll have other xperiencez too....

rm_hwyronin 44M

4/10/2006 5:16 pm

Yes I did laugh and I loved your examples....and Yes I have had far more great experiences

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