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3/26/2006 8:58 am

Had a hot and steamy hookup with gal from another site yesterday. Needed it, needed it like water needs to drain to the sea. Thanks to her for a great time.

She is a older woman, but she is HOT. She dressed up nice and sexy for me, and we met at a roadhouse. I love women that like to look hot and sexy. She said she wasn't planning on sex, just a meetup, but it wasn't hard to change her mind.

When we got started, she really wanted me to cum in a hurry, but I am not into that. I really like my woman to get her cookies first. It is such a turn-on for me to get a lady right where she wants to be, and then have my way with her, much more fulfilling.

She gave smokin' head, and then we really REALLY got into it. She started out on top, and then I got on top, face-to-face. Finally, I turned her over, and that was delighful. She had such a sexy backside, smooth, muscular, nice tight fanny, really sexy. I started in her pussy, really giving it to her, and then she asked for it in her ass. Whew! how could I turn down that invitation. I really gave it to her, and just exploded in her tush, really drained me, great orgasm.

I would love to be with her again sometime. She was really sweet. Lots of nice togetherness after. I love the afterglow when it's two people wanting each other, interested in each other, so nice.

Yes, ANOTHER SITE, and I am not divulging it. So far AdultFriendFinder is a bust for me. It's early. I'll keep trying. Would be nice to get some email replies ladies. If you like a smart, sexy, guy, with stamina, that loves to get his woman over the top, then I am your man. If you need to take it slow at first, that's fine, but why wait for the fun?

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