Should I renew?  

rm_humdinger61 58M
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2/24/2005 5:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Should I renew?

My Silver membership is about up. I can't decide what to do about renewing. Did I get my money's worth? I'm not sure. I did meet 2 great couples here -- one of whome I have been able to see more than once. But I sure expected more based on all the ads I see looking for male partners. I rarely get offers. I rarely even get looked at. Most of my winks, emails and invites go unanswered. I'm no slouch, and I know from experience that I am a desirable sex partner. I should think folks who go to the trouble and expnse to advertise for sex partners would be more active, open and willing to reach out to those looking for the same. So...

Do I renew and give it more time or give it up?

zapfuntimes51 66M
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4/3/2005 8:25 pm

yes, there is a lot of people out there that get off on just looking through the site.. I have gone through a lot of winks/emails/chit chat.. but I must admit when things click it has been so much fun... it is just like anything else you have to weed throuth the BS before you find the good stuff and I must say I have found some good quality peope on this site.. my advice don't give up they are out there and when you hook up it will definitely be worth your it!

datbindabutbob2 66M/48F
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11/6/2009 7:12 am

No don't give up I know for a fact that your no slouce but an awsem sex partner who really knows how to please me A . So hang in there
and good luck.

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