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9/7/2006 7:59 am

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3/9/2007 6:16 am


In the beginning, it was just a fluke. AdultFriendFinder? Looks like a money sponge to me. Well yes, it might be, but what the heck. You never know, I could have all kinds of women wanting me all the time and have lots of wild passionate sex and maybe even some threesomes, or foursomes. You know what I mean, its worth a shot.

Well what it really is, is a mixed bag and what you can make of it. I'm going to try to blog my way through. You never know, I might just get some good sex from some hot women just because of my writing ability. Yeah, I know, but it could happen? Stranger things have come to pass. Anyway, it seems that my first few days were like a novice at a slot machine and it was like this.

I put my quarter in the slot and pulled the handle. Anticipation welled within me as I expected three same fruit windows to line up and give me a treasure trove of sexy women coins.

But no, it wasn't a win on the first pull of the handle. Well then perhaps I pulled down to fast or hard. Maybe I should be gentle that should get me lots of winning sex coins. Still no.

So after pulling the handle a few more times, I thought well I need put more coins in. So I did, now Im a gold member.

I pulled the handle and some coins came out. Well guess what? Bots!!! They are here too. They are quite cleverly disquised to get you to go and put more coins into another place. Yikes, why does everyone want my coins?

So I'm still pulling the handle (wink) and a few coins do come out. But the fun is the cams. The women in the cam section can be great. I saw one woman who was so hot. When I watch her get off there is nothing I can do but grab my dick and join in. That is really hot. I wish I was that hot.

shybutsatisfying 43F

3/7/2007 3:25 pm

You are that hot...I enjoyed watching you, and though I do not have a cam set-up, do trust that I enjoyed myself as well

ChaseRimaeScary 57M

3/9/2007 6:16 am

Well there are very sexy women on here that will write. Shy thanks. You inspire me with your beauty and your passionate sexuality. I cant look at your pictures without getting hard and wanting you. I only wish there were more woman that have the magic that you seem to have.

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