Women Confuse Me Too  

rm_hotmamaNcols 41F
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5/7/2006 6:35 pm

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5/14/2006 6:20 pm

Women Confuse Me Too

I'm gonna get some things off my chest and this time, it's not about men. Let's talk about the things that CONFUSE me about my "KIND".

TEXAS HAIR- Why on God's green earth would a woman want a hairdo that demands 2 hours of curling, teasing, gelling, hair spraying, then more teasing? Couldn't she get a modern low maintenance style? I mean SHE thinks it looks good!! She is one hot ass babe!! If she didn't think so, she wouldn't invest the time. There are rules with her hair. First of all, it's referred to as "The Hair". When her task is complete she has to mind atmospheric conditions or her hair will fall flatter than a preteen's chest. At the first sign of precipitation or wind, she's running to the closest mirror to fortify the hold with more hairspray which is kept in her over-sized purse. Then it is carefully covered. Oh, and DON'T touch "The Hair"!! You men know what I'm talking about. You better not after it has been styled. If you MUST have some nooky, you can get service from the rear. But by GOD you better not mess up her hair or that's the last piece your getting for a while.

ACRYLIC NAILS- Ok. Manicures I understand. Some of us with weak nails require an overlay or a painful broken nail will result..... Some of us get tasteful "French" acrylics which bring a feminine touch to our otherwise boyish hands.... Some of us like the intricate airbrushed designs.... But the demonic, talon-like nails? Oh come on!! MUST the nails be three inches long from the tip of her fingers? Any activity involving her hands must be limited.. How does she wash her hair? Is she permitted to grab her man's you know what? How in the world does one wipe her own ass with such sharp and dangerous extensions? Not only does she resemble an aye-aye, she also spends an extra 30 to 40 dollars for the maintenance of such monstrosities!! Children and men alike fear being mauled by the claws. Can we say "Freddy"?

EYE BROWS- Some of us wax and/or tweeze our eyebrows to give definition to the eyes, to tame wild hairs, or to stop the eventual or actual union of the two. So what could make a woman completely wax/tweeze/shave off her eyebrows only to poorly draw them back in? Why? Not only are the new brows penciled and thin, the arch is abnormally shaped AND both are drawn on the forehead far ABOVE the brow bone!!! Why? Looks creepy to me...Keep on rocking the Pink Floyd's "The Wall" look.

THE SNUG BRA- Now women know this but most men don't. A 36B: 36 is the measurement of inches around the chest under the breasts. The B is the cup size required to cover most of the breast. So a 36, 24, 36 could be a woman with 36As or 36DDs.. With that out of the way...Have you ever noticed a bulge of fat on a woman's back pinned by her bra? Ladies please!!! Accept the fact that you've gained a little and invest in some better fitting cleavage control. If you are no longer a 36 and are now a 38, buy your bras accordingly!!

Phew!!! I feel better now.

slimcountryboy2 39M
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5/7/2006 7:58 pm

Glad you feel better
The Texas Hair I never understood... And fake eyebrow activity was always a turn off...
I do appreciate the things women go through to look beautiful...
You know, all us guys usually look at is T&A anyways.... That's not true.... well, not 100%... Face, and overall flow of the body, size, proportions, etc.... If there are shorts or a skirt, some of us "leg" men like to appreciate a nice set of legs . We look for flaws and inperfections... Some are more picky than others... I know I'm personally more selective than I should be ...
But it all comes back to the T and the A . I never listened much in school, and maybe it's common knowledge.. But I figure I'm always looking at girls butts out of instinct... I feel it is because of the hips, shape of the butt, etc.... I believe sub-conciously, we are turned on by certain "ass", or moreover the entire middle section of a woman because it can produce children.... Which is why, and what we are all here for.... Same for boobs.... A man looks at those and knows based on their size how well their child would eat.... Just food for thought.
Of course there is more to it than T & A.... And for a woman, there are a different set of things she may look for in a man... and so on.

rm_jd29992z 55M
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5/8/2006 12:48 pm

That was really cool I always wondered about those things too. The BIG hair thing Hmmmmmmm I like straight hair that flows and look natural, and look at the O zone that is being depleted there must be a giant hole above Texas by now.

Long nails are sexy but not "I am going to climb Mt. Everest with my bear hands" look. Geee that also looks soooooooo natural.

And those eye brows oh gee you mean everyone dose not have eye browns that look like a upside down "V"? Wow you mean those are drawn on you could have fooled me that explains about that 5 o-clock shadow you have over your eyes.

The bra thing yes reminds me of the 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag not fooling anyone but your self.

I like a real looking woman someone that look HOT without 5 pounds of makeup on, hair that is hard as nails, fake fingernails, fake eyebrows hmmmm is there any thing real about her????? I just don't want to know.

That was a fun post girl see you around and don't eat the cheesecake unless of course I am around to help hehehehehe see you JD

3d60 49M

5/8/2006 6:08 pm

Bling Bling.....the notion that you can buy and support glamor whether nails or undersized bras, whatever the framework. world gone mad.....here its tanning shops, you can go ot tanning shops where you pay with a coins in a slot no attendants no restrictions to age or use. hence growing orange look in inner city's, its awful its harmful and its not attractive in any way. all of what you abhor in texas believe happily struts around ASDAL ( bristol for asda...like wallmart ) screaming at her junked up kids, oblivious to the fact she looks like an accident in a beauty parlor, that has been lightly cremated and pushed in to teenage clothes. Youth its pursuit its denial and its ever growing power is what fuels this, It would seem most young teenage girls want to look like, the teenage wannabees of modern life porn glamor........am i getting old or is the world view getting younger and younger ......ummm yes I feel better.....I have seen teenage girls cueing three deep to tan bunking school for tan wearing as little as possible to reveal said fakery. In my view it signifies the relentless dumming down of consumerism, we are raising seemingly good looking idiots who's sole purpose in life is to look good and live in relentless all consuming debt, in a vacuous pursuit of media fad and shallow statement............sorry I think you hit a nerve.............juv me XX

iluv2eatpussy94 54M

5/9/2006 6:09 am

I had no idea that bulge I was looking at was fat trapped by a bra that was too small. I always thought woman's tits were just so big that they coming out the sides.

I will never look at that roll the same way again.

rm_kneel_be4me 50M
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5/13/2006 10:30 am

My best friend was the type girl that took forever to get ready... we would make plans to go out at 9 and i could show up at 9:30 and she would be in bra and panties still doing her hair and makup... She would do her hair four or five times... each time it looked great, but not to her....She would use what i though was a full can of hairsray... And once we were out you didnt dare touch her hair.... BUT once she was feeling spunky she would love to sit on the doorsill of my car while I drove realy fast just to see if her hairspray could withstand the wind.... It never failed.

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