The Purity Test  

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7/6/2006 2:33 am

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The Purity Test

Remember the purity test? Where it asks you to check the boxes for which your answer is yes? Where it tells you to coax your friends into taking it to discover the true "ho" in your circle?

Well, I've decided to push the envelope here and reveal my answers to the merry residents of Blogland, International.

AdultFriendFinder asks: Have you ever....
1) French kissed (tongued)?
2) been on a blind date?
3) had or given a hickey?
4) engaged in foreplay?
5) read a pornographic book or magazine?
One thru five checked!
6) masturbated to a picture? Uh,no.
7) had your breasts sucked? YEP
seen a pornographic movie? I'm a porno connoisseur!
9) gone coed skinny-dipping? I WAS a teenager once. And it was at the beach. And a jellyfish wanted to grope me more than the boys did.
10) committed an act of exhibitionism (moon, streak, flash)? Did I mention I was skinny dipping at the beach and was molested by jellyfish? EVERYONE saw me.
11) masturbated? OH gawd yes, who hasn't?
12) purchased contraceptives? Got to have all the different kinds of condoms!!! When I could still make babies, I HAD to be on the pill otherwise I'd gotten pregnant every time I looked at a dick.
13) engaged in foreplay for more than two hours consecutively? Memories.... *sigh* CHECK!!
14) been shopping inside a porn shop? Um, excuse me, where are your vibrators?
15) showered or bathed with an MOS? Yep.
16) shaved your pubic hair? I prefer to wax.
17) committed an act of voyeurism? I'm an observer by nature.
1 had sex with a virgin? Yep, well he could've been lying...
19) had sex in a car? I was extremely horny at the time.
20) had sex outdoors? Yes, if you count camping.
21) experienced a lap dance? Yes by both male strippers and female strippers.
22) gone to a strip club or porn house? Yep
23) performed a strip tease for an MOS? CHECK!
24) met with someone for sex only? Haven't we all?
25) had sex non-stop for an hour? I miss those days....
26) interrupted a couple having sex? Do my parents count?
27) jerked off or fingered by an MOS? Standard foreplay...
2 jerked off or fingered an MOS? Again, standard foreplay
29) photographed a MOS naked? No, I haven't done that...... YET!!
30) been naked in photos taken by a MOS? UH, NO!! You guys know about the condom saboteur, with my luck it'd get posted somewhere embarrassing when the relationship ends.
31) given oral sex to a MOS? Of course.
32) done 69? Yeah, and I liked it, I loved it, I want some more of it..
33) had sex in three or more positions? No fun in being a dead lay... of course.
34) experimented sexually before puberty? Well, puberty hit me at 11. NO.
35) been caught masturbating? No, cause I'll do it in front of a partner.
36) masturbated with another person in the room? CHECK.
37) watched another person masturbate? Yep, but lately only on pornos.
3 watched another party have sex? Only on pornos
39) had sex in a public place? CHECK!
40) had sex during menstruation? Yeah, didn't care for it either.
41) gotten a woman pregnant, been pregnant? Yep been prego. Didn't care for it either with all the morning sickness.
42) (arranged, had) an abortion? I would never willingly abort a child, but sometimes your body doesn't want to be pregnant. Things happen.
43) have a child or children? Yes, the spoiled ones who rob me of the TV, and crayola my damn walls....
44) had a V.D. test? Full physical every year
45) had a V.D.? Fortunately, no.
46) orgasmed three or more times in one night? CHECK
47) traveled over 100 miles just to get laid? I might drive 24.5 miles but not a hundred.
4 cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse?
If someone else can grab my attention while I'm with someone, I tell him about it.
49) picked up a stranger for sex? No, too dangerous.
50) had sex with a member that you've met on AdultFriendFinder? Not YET. Although I do think about it all the time.
51) had sex with a MOS with an age difference of 10 years or more? CHECK
52) had sex with a MOS with an age difference of 20 years or more? CHECK
53) put an inanimate object up your vagina or anus? You mean like a dildo or vibrator? yes.
54) had anal sex? CHECK! The night I came 3 or more times in one night.
55) had sex in front of a third party? Do dorm mates count?
56) had an alcoholic drink? yes
57) been drunk? yes
5 used alcohol to lower an MOS's resistance? on occasion
59) had an alcoholic blackout? uh yeah once. I've even had ANXIETY blackouts.
60) smoked tobacco? uh huh
61) smoked pot or hashish? Yes and never did it again.
62) used LSD, PCP, heroin, or Mushrooms? NOPE
63) used cocaine? FUCK NO
64) used three or more recreational drugs in one night? NOPE- the most I've ever had was three or more drinks in one night
65) been arrested? Never
66) been convicted of a crime? Other than speeding, no.
67) accepted money to remove any clothing? do wet T- shirt contests count?
6 gotten laid on the first date? Yeah, and gawd it was bad.
69) had a threesome? Almost but nope.
70) had a foursome? Nope.
71) attended any of the orgy or swinger parties held by our members? Nope.
72) rimmed a partner? Nope.
73) Sought out a hooker? Nope.
77) engaged with a hooker or gigolo? Nope.
75) had sex with two MOSes at the same time? No but I'm a typical woman...I've thought about it. Two hot men in the bed with ME? I'll keep daydreaming.
76) had sex with two different people separately in a 24 hr period? Never.
77) videotaped yourself having sex? No thanks, not into capturing the moment.
7 accepted money to perform a sexual act? Never, but I was MARRIED once.
79) gave or received sex with a strap-on? never.
80) slept with a married MOS? Yep. Loved him too.
81) been engaged? yep
82) been married? yep
83) had sex with a friend of a current boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? I don't even have a boyfriend yet.. not even a FWB or an FB.
84) had sex with a relative of a current boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? SAME
85) had sex with more than 10 different people in your life? yes
86) had sex with more than 30 different people in your life? yes
87) had sex with more than 50 different people in your life? probably, I won't do the math though.
8 had sex with an unconscious person? Oh,gawd no, where's the fun in that?
89) been propositioned by a homosexual? YES all the time. Women love me, don't know why.
90) accepted? No. I don't fuck for pay and I'm not gay for pay. If I want you male or female, I generally make the first move.
91) kissed a member of the SAME sex? yep
92) been masturbated by a member of the SAME sex? yep
93) been orally stimulated by a member of the SAME sex? yep
94) had sex with a member of the SAME sex? Nope, fuckers backed out. Mr.Ink and Jane!!!
95) lived in a threesome (sex with 2 others) for a month or more? Never
96) been involved in an orgy or swingers party? One in blogland every night, but no.
97) engaged in bondage? Do my cuffs count?
9 engaged in sadomasochism for sexual enjoyment? Uh, no. Not into physical torture other than a spank here or there.
99) engaged in group (5 or more people) sex? No, but wouldn't you know who I would choose?
100) recommended AdultFriendFinder to another person? I'd recommend it, sure.

Has everyone taken the test? If so, what was your score? Oh, come on. Do tell us?

Sailor376 64M
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7/6/2006 7:38 am

What a stitch! I laughed like hell. Thanks. With out going back to look, I think it was a 33. And not Julliard.

Sailor376 64M
2288 posts
7/6/2006 8:11 am

I looked, 36.

3d60 49M

7/6/2006 5:34 pm

weelll a lot more yeses, a lot less nopes and even less Hell erm......all me Juv me XX

slimcountryboy2 39M
46 posts
7/7/2006 12:56 pm

Good stuff

NickRules999 40M
9464 posts
7/8/2006 8:33 am

Mine is 75. A friend of mine said I was too pure for her. LOL

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

slimcountryboy2 39M
46 posts
7/9/2006 3:01 pm

Oh... I didn't answer your question... I think my score was 40... Unlike you I have traveled over 100 miles to get laid, pathetic me
After that, I could walk 24.5

TheEasyScotsman 50M
15 posts
7/14/2006 3:04 pm

What was that about masturbation with a partner?{/COLOR]

MarcoPolo197676 41M
541 posts
7/18/2006 9:58 pm

Lol, I think Im a total square, LOL.

Nocturnal10 38M

8/4/2006 10:06 am

You sound like a whole lot of fun! Where do I sign up?

sexyasskarl77 30M

1/26/2007 7:42 pm

i m a 77 maybe you could help me

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