Do They Really Read Profiles? The Results Are In.....  

rm_hotmamaNcols 41F
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4/5/2006 6:53 pm

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Do They Really Read Profiles? The Results Are In.....

The results are in.....

OVERVIEW: I initially joined this site because I was in search of a fuck buddy. But I soon came to realize that HE couldn't be just that. I needed someone who would accompany me in public without the fear of embarrassment due to ignorance, jealousy, or lack of etiquette. I also knew I wanted the loyalty and monogamy of exclusivity, without the headaches. So, I carefully wrote my profile to have an alluring tone and have methodically screened suitors. I have even made good friends here. Eventually, most of the responses to my profile were borderline imbecilic with a hint of pure dumb ass.

I received emails that read "you have a beautiful ass" when clearly, my ass was never posted on this site, or any for that matter.

I got emails from a lot of couples. I am listed as a woman looking for a man. I have NO desire to EVER be with a married couple, as this has the capability of becoming a JERRY SPRINGER episode. Besides, I cannot go as a threesome to business affairs nor run in my usual circles as one.

I received emails from senior citizens, married men looking for mistresses, hillbillies looking for their third wife to bear more children with, ex-convicts, men that I did not have similar kinks with, PERIOD.

So I decided to conduct an experiment to see whether people really read profiles, by computing the sum of new emails for one week with old and new profiles, and sorting them by categories listed below.

MY OLD PROFILE: Stated a brief description, my likes, and what I was looking for in a fun, sweet, and alluring tone.
Average new emails were 79 per day. Of that total, 15% were from couples, 80% were from men with 59 or lower on compatibility score, 5% were from men with 60 or higher on compatibility score.

MY NEW PROFILE: Stated a brief description, my likes, and specifics on what I DID NOT WANT with a very direct, sarcastic(but funny), and bitchy undertone.
Average new emails went down to 6 per day. Of that total 2% were from couples, 38% was GARBAGE from men(59 or lower on compatibility), 60% were from men with 60% or higher on compatibility.

Could you imagine my astonishment when I saw two profile responses with 90+ on the compatibility score!!! I almost peed my pants!!!! I have never seen a score that high since becoming a member, and I giggled with glee like a little girl with a new doll house!!!! (when really I was maniacally laughing like a mad scientist anticipating being BAD with someone I could TOLERATE afterward!!!!)

SO IN CONCLUSION: The nicer you seem to be on your profile, the more garbage you get from any ol' desperate joe trying to reach the masses with sorry ass emails, vague ass profiles, and weak ass penis pics. The more specific you are in your needs and wants, the better your results. Do you agree? Have you ever considered changing your profile or pics to see if you get better results?

tamethytension 55M
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4/5/2006 8:13 pm

It has long been my advice to men to have as thoroughly filled out profile with specifics upon which a conversation may build. Of course not all details need be revealed leaving more personal matters for more intimate one-on-one communications.



rm_hotmamaNcols replies on 4/5/2006 8:22 pm:
I hope that new members take your advice. Thanks for your input
Whoa! nice pic!!!

rm_hotmamaNcols replies on 4/5/2006 8:28 pm:
I'm sorry but

rm_BigDnLady 44M/42F
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4/5/2006 8:18 pm

We have changed our profile a couple of times. We have bluntly stated that we were a couple who did not play alone, however, we received email from single and MARRIED women looking for some fun with my husband, as well as single and MARRIED men looking for fun with my husband(MY HUBBY IS STRAIGHT!!) as well as fun 1 on 1 with me!! The profile states my hubby is straight, yet we seem to still find mail in our filtered box from bisexual men and gay men or from those dumb bastards that are so bold to ask D if they can fuck me!! It is amazing at the number of people who don't read the profiles!!


rm_hotmamaNcols replies on 4/6/2006 8:50 am:
Don't feel too disgusted... I've had male and male couples contact me to be their "toy"???? I live close to the short north here in columbus and all of my gay friends in partnerships say that is a no-no.

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

4/5/2006 8:46 pm

Hey Lady I remember you, as you left a comment on my blog about this...LOL..If I wasn't with someone right now I have two Gems I came across After I posted this new pic..You like..??? THEY GOT IT and more importantly they read my profile..So my answer would be the more in your face and direct you are the better your chances...Oh the cretins still e-mail but now it's to tell me WHAT A FUCKING BITCH I AM...and here I didn't think they would ever notice....Ready


rm_hotmamaNcols replies on 4/6/2006 8:58 am:
I've gotten those emails about how big of a bitch I am too. There was this one email titled "Real girl.... or just a little fake?" It read: "We will see SIR, needto69jr".
Was that his pick up line? If I'm not interested I'm a dude? I told him to have his floating ribs removed because with that as his email, he would really have to learn to suck his own dick. Yeah, that's his real member name. Hi asshole!!!!

SlowPlayin 51M

4/5/2006 9:07 pm

LOL ... I'm not sure what generates the best results. I've tried different things ... different pics, long and descriptive profiles, short, blunt and straight to the point ones, ... I've found that my profile views and messages that I recieve per week stay about the same. Mostly from people who don't match the criteria that I state that I'm looking for.

Luckily, there are a few women who I enjoy staying in touch with ... emailing, reading and commenting in their blogs even when it's not apparent that we'll ever meet.

I agree with your statement about how people try to initiate contact ... the vast majority of emails I recieve have no photo attached and none in their profile nor are many of the profiles very descriptive ... so, ok ... lol ... kind of funny. I have the best results from initiating contact myself and I can live with that.

Good post ... I'm taking a little break from blogging or I would invite you to view mine.


rm_hotmamaNcols replies on 4/6/2006 9:03 am:
The difference is that you CARE enough to put time and effort into your profile and pics and probably blogs to eventually find the right fit for you. I just wish others would, too. It would be alot easier on the rest of us.

rm_BigDnLady 44M/42F
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4/6/2006 11:27 am

I just wanted to say, we aren't disgusted! We don't have anything against gay men, we just aren't looking for one!! My man is straight...I just want them to read the profile.


rm_hotmamaNcols replies on 4/6/2006 4:05 pm:
Sorry for the confustion, I meant disgusted with the garbage you get period.

im_your_man77 40M
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4/11/2006 2:42 pm

Haven't changed my profile since the day I got here, its not because it was an undoubted success. It was just the day after I joined I woke up to the fact that it was unlikely that I would meet anyone here unless I put in some real effort (which I haven't) instead I stuck around for the blogs that I read. I have changed my picture but that was only because I was fed up looking at my eyes. In time I will change this picture too, I'm bored looking at it already.
If I wasn't so lazy I could change my profile to see if it would attract some desperate joanna but I would have to question if I would want her if she was that desperate.

rm_hotmamaNcols replies on 4/11/2006 3:19 pm:
LOL!!!You always have an intelligent and witty response. And I am glad you visit me.

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