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8/7/2006 4:17 pm

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8/11/2006 5:02 pm


Hey everybody just returning from Indy and another track visited. The race was great but the facility and hoopla is over rated!!! If this is SUPPOSED to be the second most popular race on the circuit then fans should be able to enjoy it even more than other races. We were unhappy that you could not see the whole track. We think that they should change the seating so everybody can enjoy the race. Come on who needs a golf course inside a racetrack. I would rather travel out of state than try to return to a track where you can't see half the race. Especially after all the money you PAY!!! I have seen more of that race on TV than I did there. I think nascar should worry less about the prestige of a track and care more about the satisfaction of the fans. Let us know what you think.


honeypot7473 44F

8/9/2006 11:55 am

I am not much into husband is however. We live close to the Bristol track. I am told it's one of the best. If you decide to go out of state to see a race...maybe you could think about this track.

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