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7/13/2006 10:22 pm

[size4]Welcome to HornyKad's Blog!

This is just getting started, so I will introduce myself, first.

I am a married male, and rather bisexual. I've had a few, well many, encounters with other guys, that have made my sexual life very interesting, all in all. I have not yet been fucked in the ass, but I am looking to change that, with the right guy, especially the right couple, actually.

My biggest fantasy has always been to be sandwiched between a couple (prefferably Man and Woman), having sex with one, while the other fucks my ass. It could be the woman behind me with a strap on, or the man, with his cock. However, I would be interested in it being both men, or both women. I'm fairly easy going in that respect.

Since I am Bisexual, I do get asked by straight guys how it feels, or more often, what it tastes like... This is a question I have a hard time answering, because I think it feels different for each person, and as for taste... It varies.

Ok, look at me ramble on about things, that you probably already know... what else would you like to hear about? Drop me a line, and let me know.

Look forward to writing more,


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