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7/18/2006 10:52 pm

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Recent Fantasy

Hey AGain,

This one is nicer than the last, I promise...

I have mentioned this to others, on here, I think, but recently, I fullfilled one of my fantasies, and I thought, why not share:

Mainly, because I was thinking about how much fun it was.

A few weeks back, I went to San Antonio (I promise, not the Fantasy part). I went with two lovely women, and we stayed in a Hotel for the weekend. (Getting there).

On the first night, we started playing around, it started innocently enough, some smart remarks, followed by them hitting my arm, me retaliating by finding the ticklish spots, when all of the sudden, I was being kissed by one woman. My mind reeled, as I was not expecting this (You see, one of the women was an out of town visitor, and had shown no interest in that regard). It quickly turned into a night to remember, and while I am not going to give all, or even many of the details, I did end up having sex with one of them, with the other in the room, and after I had helped the women give each other orgasms.

Sinking your tongue into a woman, while another woman is helping you, is undescribable, as is sinking your cock into a woman, while the other is licking your balls....

Sorry, my mind went back in time for a few, had to think about it. Anyways, Maybe this is me bragging, and if so, I apologize... I'm not even sure why I am posting it, I'm not much of an erotic writer, and not really trying to be. Perhaps it is just something I am still trying to convince myself was real (Although, I know it was, we discussed it after we returned from San Antonio), or it still surprises me that I got to fullfill 'Every Mans Fantasy', even if I wasn't trying, and it is not my biggest fantasy.

Ok, enough, enough... I'll move on with my life tonight. I'm getting wordy, and running on again.

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