man vs. woman on Adult Friend Finder  

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1/19/2006 2:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

man vs. woman on Adult Friend Finder

I was poking around out of curiousity to see what other mens profiles look like. Mainly to see how women do their profiles vs. how the men do theirs and I have to say it was sort of a shocking experience.

I can understand that some, or maybe most women want a guy with a big cock but when I was looking through the men and seeing where my profile would come up I had to go through 4 pages of nothing but dicks in my face and I have to say there was every shape and size to choose from. I guess sort of like going through the showroom at the dildo factory.

If I were a woman that would not be my initial search criteria and I would probably pass on clicking on any of those before I saw a face.

Then around page 4 of the 30 or so per page, I started to see faces and oh man, some of the goofiest looking mug shots I have seen. Even better than another site.
(Which by the way is great for a laugh if you want to see celebrity mug shots and other interesting police reports.)

Now, I am certainly not one to brag, especially about how I look, but I got to say that when I finally did come across my profile it was up there with the better looking guys on that page, I suppose I could have continued looking and there would be plenty of "hot guys" that were better looking than myself but I got the gist.

What surprises me is based on the points I have just made that there have been so few hits on my profile. Not that I am looking for more invitations or hook-ups per se (that would be nice though), You don't even know that I am married until you get to the profile. (I updated it today and certainly changed what I am looking for too.

Maybe I am completely off base and I should have a little photo session with my own manlhood. Maybe women on this site really just pick choose based on the whole cock shot. I know that some do for sure, just as I'll click on a hot ass or breasts or pussy when I see it. I know that a lot of the profiles I have looked at definitely state that they do not want to see my cock, that's fine because as of now, I have no pictures to send you of it.That's not to say I am not willing to do so as I previously mentioned.

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