Stepping into the Dark  

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Stepping into the Dark

His eyes slid down her body, taking in the lace chemise, satin corset, suspenders and seamed stockings.

“Good girl,” He breathed, His husky voice pouring over her, making her shiver in anticipation. “Come here, little one.”

She did as bid, standing directly in front of Him, eyes fixed on His. He tutted, then putting His hands on her shoulders gently but firmly pushed her down into a kneeling position.

“Know your place, little one, your duty is to me, I am your One and you must show me your submission in your demeanour.”

“Yes,” she whispered, her eyes downcast, her face flushing at her mistake.

“Yes what, little one?”

“Yes, Master.” A mere breath of a whisper followed by a deep shudder and barely suppressed moan.

Putting His hand gently under her chin, He raised it so she was staring directly at His crotch. Thoughts ran through her mind as she stared at the leather trousers He wore.

Then she heard a chink of chain and started to look up.

“NO!” the word, softly spoken was harsh enough for her to drop her head and return her gaze to His fly.

She felt the soft cool leather slide around her neck and tighten fast around it.

“Too tight, my little one?”

“No Master,” she whispered.

“Good. Bend your head forward.” She did as bid, and the collar was fastened tight. She heard a click and wondered what that was. He lifted her hand and guided it to the back of her neck, where her fingers discovered a padlock, cold, heavy, heart-shaped it seemed, holding the collar closed on her neck. Once again she shivered and moaned a feeling of pre-orgasmic pleasure running through her, tinged with fear.

Attaching a chain to her collar, He tugged slightly, motioning for her to rise. She did so, keeping her eyes downcast.

“Good girl…….” He murmered, His voice low. He led her to the bed and made her sit on the edge. Then He took a latex blindfold and secured it over her eyes, kissing each eye gently closed beforehand. Her hand came up instinctively to feel the covering, but He pulled it gently away. She felt the bed shift as He climbed up behind her, then her arms being pulled around to the small of her back.

The rope, as it tightened around her wrists, felt silky and cool and she was surprised, as He finished tying, that there wasn’t any pressure on her skin, she was just simply unable to move her hands. She felt some more tugging on her hands and He murmured that she should stand. She did so, a little wobbly, uncertain without her hands to balance her, and though she couldn’t see His smile, she was certain He was smiling at her predicament. The next moment, He pressed His hand between her thighs, encouraging her to move one leg to one side a little. Then He passed the ropes He had attached to the wrist bindings through her legs and tied them to her collar rings, pulling tight enough for her to gasp as they rubbed against her exposed skin.

“No sound little one, or I shall have to bind your mouth as well” He admonished. He led her to the bars against the wall and fastened the chain from her collar to them. Holding her hips, He pulled her backwards away from the wall until the chain was taut, watching her face as she realised that she was now unable to move away from Him.

Taking the ankle cuffs, He fastened first one then the other around each leg, making sure they were secure but not too tight. Then He fixed a bar between them, forcing her legs apart. She felt very unsteady now, and actually pulled against the chain to act as a support.

She felt Him attach yet another rope to her wrists and wondered what else He could do. Then she heard the scrape of chair legs across the floor and the rope lifted up. She stood for a second uncertain, heard Him get back down onto the floor and listened intently trying to second guess his movements. She was not prepared for the sharp tug on the rope that hauled her wrists upwards and as a result of the bondage to her collar, forced her to bend over to a near perpendicular position. The rope between her legs rubbed on her clitoris and unable to prevent it, she moaned aloud and bent her legs to try to ease the tension.

“I warned you, little one” He said sternly and she heard the ripping sound of latex tape as He tore a strip off to bind her mouth. It seemed like forever that He was winding the tape around her head, her mouth firmly covered and held in place. He turned her head to one side so He could reach to kiss her now covered mouth, His tongue sliding across her lips, hard enough for her to know what He was doing. She wondered at the sensation of being able to feel and yet not feel at the same time.

Standing facing the wall using the taut chain to prevent her falling, she waited listening intently to the silence, not sure what He was doing, when He would do it. Unaware that He was standing to one side watching the expressions ranging over her face as she started to slide into the submissive zone. Her head was up and moving from side to side as if she could better locate Him that way. Eventually it dropped and she stood in a submissive stance, her body emulating that of a newly broken horse, head and shoulders down, the fight gone from her body.

“Good girl,” He said softly and was pleased to note that she didn’t turn her head at His voice. He slid round her, pulling her hips against His, letting her feel the heat of His leather against the bare skin of her bottom. Sliding His hand around the curve of her bottom he slid His fingers down the insides of her thighs and back up again, teasing and never reaching their goal. As she started to swing against her bonds trying to catch His fingers out He crept closer and closer to her now glistening pussy until her moans could be heard through the gag. Then He spanked her, one firm sudden blow across both cheeks, close enough for her clitoris to redden in response. The result was instantaneous, her face reddened, she cried out and thrust her bottom hard up against His hand.

A quietly satisfied smile spread across His face and He leant back and spanked her again, following quickly with another blow, her cheeks blossoming with His handprints. As she writhed, He saw her widen and redden; the glistening become more fluid. Another spank and then He let His fingers drift across her vagina and clit, just touching, not lingering.

Leaning forward, He murmured into her ear, “All that I do is for you, all that you do is for Me. I control the way, I control your body, I control you.” She shivered at His voice and He pulled her chain upwards, pulling her upper body up, causing further tension on her crotch rope, but releasing as soon as her moans registered pain. He kissed her forehead, then knelt to kiss and lick her clitoris. Jerking with surprise she pushed hesitantly against His tongue, unwilling to do anything to displease Him. As she became more aroused, He willed her on, wanting her to let go, to show herself that it was possible to lose all control and to experience the amazing release of total climax. But He could see that she was still fighting, just a little, but enough to prevent herself from orgasming.

He stood and taking a soft rubber bar from the table behind him, He entered her with it, increasing the pace until she was almost collapsing from the sensation.

Suddenly, His wish was fulfilled and she came, her juices exploding from her and pouring across His hand and wrist onto the floor.

She couldn’t believe it, had never had that happen before and was mortified, convinced it was wrong, unsure why He didn’t now stop what He was doing. Coming out of the mists that she had been in, she immediately felt uncomfortable, waiting for Him to say the session was over.

But He didn’t. His voice reassured her, telling her she was a ‘good girl’, His hands kept touching her, enticing her until she could do nothing but react again to them. Coming over and over, she lost total control, leaning into the bonds, letting them take her weight, letting her body respond to His ministrations in whatever way it wanted, her cries ringing through the room with each blossoming climax, her pants sharp and pitiful.

After what seemed to her like hours, He relented, and let down her bonds to the ceiling, untied her crotch rope and spreader bar and pulled her to Him. He encircled her in His arms, offering protection and love and she leaned into the embrace, tucking her head up under His chin and moaning softly.

Gathering Her up in His arms, He carried her to the bed, where He laid her down gently on her side, her head on soft pillows, as He released her hands and rubbed her wrists, though there were barely any marks showing from her bonds.

Then He removed her gag and the latex blindfold, kissing her face, her mouth and her eyes gently and with love. He stared at her wide eyes, the pupils fully distended, her gaze bewildered and wondering.

“Ok, my love?” He asked softly. She nodded, still unable to speak, half wanting more, her mind rehashing what she had just experienced in total amazement.

“Welcome back, my darling,” He said, folding her into His arms and holding her until she stopped shaking, kissing her face.

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