My deepest and darkest fantasy land  

rm_hijjab4renee 59T
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3/10/2006 10:45 am
My deepest and darkest fantasy land

It all depends on what area of the world he is from and what ethnic background was born in. If he is from a desert area: I would love to see him dressed as a bedouin, shiekh or an Arabian Knight.

If he is from an area where there are jungles then: I would like to see dressed as his tribal ancestors did or nothing at all except something traditional around his penis to show off his manhood.

If he is from other areas then: I would like to see him in uniforms with gloves, boots and masks. Also, a scubadiving suit from head to feet. There are other options as well such as: spandex, rubber, latex and leather from head to feet.

As long as he is someone who will be authoritative, protective, attentive, possessive of me. Someone who loves being in control and not allowing his mate to be equal to him. Keep me at home, callared and in full submission for any and all his sexual endeavors.

These maybe wierd or strange to others but, who cares.

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