thin line between real & fake : Part 1  

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5/4/2006 1:21 pm

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thin line between real & fake : Part 1

we have a lot of ladies in zim and a lot more guys all looking for that one thing... sex or if you prefer to be more explicit, pussies and cocks. but arent they the most elusive things (note this is based on my experiences and comments i find posted up as well).

many like me are in this whole business coz maybe we like sex so much and really feel we'd like to have more, not necessarily to sleep and fool around with every other tom dick and harry that we meet but its just a search for that one person whose gonna give u mindblowing sex that you aint ever gonna forget or somethin like that.

how many of us spend lots of time searching, chatting, emailing, smsing, calling and all that jaz hoping to get some sex but never get an inch close to that so desired pussy or cock or ass or pictures or whatever other crazy thing human's have managed to come up with that gives sexual pleasure... dont worry folks! if the hrill in sex lasted as long as you spent trying to get it... oh boy! ... i just dont know what the world would be like. its ony a few minutes of pleasure (unless of course you are like me and like the full package - foreplay, teasing, oral and all then its a lot more than that but still, you gonna spend more time searching than doing it.


why is it that after sending 100s of emails, you still only get a few ladies interested. ever tried creating a profile and pretendin to be the opposite sex and just check out other people's pick lines. i mean i posted a profile with a really hot chick and the emails that the guys sent were nothing but funny! crazy things.... but somehow it works for them.. or does it?

i wonder. how many of us have had the real thing. i suppose its a lot easier for ladie s coz if you put a nice pic then you got too many guys after your pussy and you have a hard time picking nice guys. and for a sexy hot vixen, no problem coz too many guys wil fuck you for your body and not your brains, and still have ultimate fun whilst they are at it...

so then, for us guys what doe sit take???

i gotta pen off now, and go to bed. will tell you about the different women and profiles that i'v come accross.

stay tuned!!!!

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