Sharing Photos  

rm_harembanger 54M
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7/9/2006 5:48 pm
Sharing Photos

Life is boring without friends. Me... it doesn't make much different. Whether I have friends or not, I'm always occupied with something. Always on the move and always seeking for adventure and fun in my own way. So what if I'm a friendly person... too friendly at times. Looking for friends I've no problems. Different backgrounds and from different walk of life. It's their life. I just accept them the way they are.... as long as they don't bug me!

So friends share opinions and other things. I'm just being open minded here. My friends shared whatever photos they have. Some could make you throw out and some will make you laught.

So BLOGGERS, I've lots of photos to share. This is not a commercial ads. No porno and no charges. All for free and for friendly bloggers. If you guys are interested, send me your email address and I'll add you up in my distribution list.

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