Waking up in the morning  

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6/9/2006 9:19 pm
Waking up in the morning

What a wonderful way to wake up, with your breasts warm and naked against my back, your hands draped over my hip, fingers resting against my groin, moving just enough to enter my dreams.

I slowly wake up, a dream of you fading into your reality, my arousal growing under your touch, your voice in my ear, whispering your love to me.

Your lips leave my ear, drawing a line of kisses down my neck, across my shoulder blade, playfully nipping as you feel my body responding. Lust builds across the silent, constant connection that years of intimacy has built between us, the growing warmth familiar yet always new.

I know the feel of your breasts, how they flatten against my back, how they mirror my growing need in their own erection, how they feel rolled between my fingertips. Just as you know every detail of my body, and exactly how to touch me, how to rouse me from sleep to passion in just a few light touches.

I hear your sharp breath as I roll you onto your back, keeping my leg between yours so my thigh ends up pressed against your mound.

I look down at you, smiling and reaching to touch your erect nipples, the imprint of shoulder blades still visible on your pale rounded breasts. Slowly rocking against you, my hand gathers one firm curve, clamping down on it, pulling the puckering aureole out until just that darker skin is between my fingers, enclosing the hard point of your nipple.

My own breathing quickens as you respond instantly to my ungentle touch, arching your back up to get more pressure between your legs.

Your lustful gaze drops from my face down to where my now throbbing erection extends. Leaning back so you can also see my dangling balls, I take your other breast in the same grip and pull them both up, extending your soft curves into taut tented peaks.

Whimpering now, you reach down to fondle my soft scrotum, and run your fingers along my manhood. A viscous crystal of liquid appears from the tip of my cock. I gasp as you grind my sensitive cockhead down onto the top of your pussy, smearing my precum on yourself, and looking back up to my face to whisper, "Ryan . . . please . . . take me now... I'm so wet. I need you inside me. I need to feel you filling my tight bald pussy . . "

Those words send a rolling wave of heat down me, merging and stoking the heat in your hand. Against my thigh, your own heat is rising, as you spread your legs wide and open your wet bald pussy to me. I slide down between your splayed knees, feeling you gasp as my shaft traverses the length of your slit in its desperate search for that smoldering opening.

Finding it, easily, marked as it is by a steaming pool of your quickening desire, I look between us to watch myself entering you. First the slick purple head, then the entire veined shaft disappears into your slick wet grip, until our groins meet, with you fully impaled, squirming against my rigid pole.

Taking you slowly at first, I drive my straining cock deep into your pussy, repeatedly, matching your rising hips with my harder, longer thrusts, each time slapping you down on the bed, inching you up it until you grab the headboard to brace yourself against my accelerating pace.

The sound of us fucking is all we can hear, the wet sucking slap of our entwined bodies, my long moans, punctuated by quick gasps, your whimpered squeals as each stroke bottoms out in you.

Your throaty grunts gradually merge to a continuous rising scream as the heated sensation in your clit and pussy intensifies, now so insistent that you have to clutch my ass, slamming me down on your pussy, bucking wildly as an uncontrollable orgasm washes over you, waves of ecstasy from between your legs, spasms grabbing my thick cock as it flails inside you.

Your fingers heedlessly bruising my ass and your cumming cunt like a vise on my cock summon my own explosion, a river of burning white cum coursing from deep inside, up my swollen shaft, sharp muscular contractions in my ass and groin blasting it deep into you, an exquisite intensity that seems to go on forever.

Just as our love does . .

Please can anyone help ????

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