Out by the Pool  

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Out by the Pool

I found Debbie to be very outgoing and friendly as well as very flirtatious when she had a few drinks in her. Although I had a major hardon for Debbie, I by no means wanted to break-up her busy life. I decided I would take it nice and slow and gain her confidence.

One day I had come home around noon and saw Debbie out by the pool, reading a book while sunbathing in a skimpy bikini. I quickly changed out of my business slacks and tie and into a comfortable shirt and shorts. I went out to the pool. Naturally, my arrival startled her away from her book as she thought she was alone.

"Relax, don't worry, it's just me," I said with a big smile.

I could tell Debbie felt uneasy because of the skimpy bikini she was wearing. She was reaching for her towel to cover-up when I handed her a drink, telling her again to relax, it was just me.

After two glasses, of tequila debbie was beginning to loosen up as she grew more flirtatious.

"Don't you think my tan is coming in nicely?" she asked, running her hands down her body.
I told her she looked incredible.

"At least this way I'm getting the pleasure of watching you."

Debbie raised her eyebrows and got a big smile as she liked what I told her. You look like you could use another coat of suntan lotion. Do you have anymore? I asked.

Either she was naïve to what my intentions were or the drinks had dulled her thinking but Debbie handed me her bottle of lotion.

Taking the bottle I asked where she wanted me to start.

"How about you do my back?" she suggested as she flipped over onto her stomach.

I couldn't believe my luck. I was finally going to touch this beautiful creature. I squirted a glob of lotion into my hand and started rubbing it on her upper back. I was taking my time on her shoulders giving her a nice massage which she was enjoying.

"Oh ryan, your hands feel so good."

I could feel her shoulders as well as her entire body begin to relax. I started to work my way down the middle of her back. Her bikini top was held-on by strings that tied across her neck as well as her back. I decided to test her to see just how far she would let me go.

"Debbie, do you mind if I untie just the bottom of your top, it seems to be in the way," I asked.

"Uhmm, no I guess that will be ok," she answered.

I soon had it untied with another handful of lotion to rub on her. I started with wide circular strokes down her back occasionally rubbing my hands up her sides. Each time I did this I was sure to run them along the sides of her breasts. She didn't seem to notice or mind which only encouraged me to go further with my massage.

I filled my hand again with lotion and started at the top of her right leg working all the way down to her toes. I personally made sure every toe got its share of attention.

"Mmmm, ryan that feels so good.

Not trusting my voice, I just chuckled and continued with my seduction. I worked my way back up her leg stopping only at the last point where her ass wasn't covered by her bikini bottom. Repeating the same on her left leg again only stopping at her uncovered ass cheek. I put a new glob of lotion in my hands and started with her upper inner thigh, softly grazing her pussy as I worked my way back and forth from there to the top of her ass. Occasionally I would even slip a finger or two under her bikini bottom.

By now I had a raging hard on dying to be released. It would be obvious to her if she was to turn around and look at me and I wasn't sure how she would reach but I had to take that chance… it was now or never.

"How about your front Debbie, would you like me to rub some there as well?"

Debbie said, "Sure if you don't mind" as she rolled over, not even worrying or did she remember that her top was untied. She quickly remembered though as it briefly came off revealing her nipples but she didn't mind as she lay back down.

I knew she had to have seen the tent I had in my shorts but she didn't say anything. Closing her eyes and placing her arms loosely to her side Debbie said, "Okay you can continue now!"

Again, I globed a load of lotion in my hands and started rubbing it onto her stomach. Using circular motions like I did on her back I increasingly made my loops bigger and bigger. Eventually my fingertips were touching the base of her breasts. All though Debbie didn't say anything I could tell I was getting to her as her breathing and heartbeat noticeably began to increase. On the next sweep across her stomach I went further up and underneath her top. My fingers immediately felt the tips of Debbie's very hard, erect nipples.

With her hands still by her sides Debbie opened her eyes and coolly asked me what I was doing.

I continued fondling her nipples as I replied, "Sorry would you like me to stop?"

Debbie surprised me first by not immediately grabbing my hands to push them away. Secondly, in that she said, "No, I'm just asking what you are doing."

I wanted to tell her how badly I wanted to do this the first time I saw her but I was afraid that would freak her out.

"So," I said, "I guess my hands have a mind of their own. I hope you don't mind."

Debbie looked at my crotch with a wicked look

With my hands still firmly on her breasts I looked down and back at her and said, " It's hard not to get excited while touching such a beautiful woman like yourself."

"You're so sweet ryan;

With that Debbie reached out with her hand and grabbed the pole that was making a tent in my shorts.

"Oh my and what do you have there ryan?" as she grabbed my cock even firmer.

I thought I was going to explode when she told me it was her turn now. She sat up causing my hands to release her breasts as she told me to stand up.

I tell you my legs were weak from excite but I managed to stand up which caused even more of a strain on my raging hard on.

Debbie told me to take off my shirt as she was working on undoing my shorts. Just as I had pulled my shirt over my head and off, Debbie had my shorts and boxers down to my knees. My hard 8 1/2" sprang out and in front of her face.

Debbie stopped what she was doing and quickly jerked off her top exposing her breasts. She then grabbed my cock with her hand and started stroking me hard. Pushing Debbie back onto the lounge chair I ripped her bikini bottom off, burying my face in her hot, wet crotch. My tongue quickly found her clit, running across it vigorously, driving her even crazier.

"Oh yes, yes. Eat my pussy baby. Make me cum!"

Debbie was screaming at me as she held my head down in her crotch.

I quickly stuffed two fingers deep into her wet cunt, searching for her G-spot.

Finding it, Debbie started thrashing around underneath me as I caused her to have a strong climax. Now with three fingers inside her and my tongue dancing across her clit, Debbie was absolutely going crazy. It was becoming difficult just to keep her down. My cock rock hard, I pulled Debbie's legs further apart as I began to mount her. Debbie was still reeling from her orgasm and wasn't even aware of what I was about to do to her. I ran my cock across her wet pussy to get my cock lubricated and bam I slammed it into her.

This quickly brought her back to reality as my cock went half way in with the first plunge. I pulled back, slammed it home again, this time going nearly all the way in. I pulled back and looked into her dazed eyes as I slammed it home again this time going all the way in.

Damn I never imagined Debbie's pussy would feel as good as it did around my cock. She was so fucking tight and she was squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles which felt incredible. I started banging her harder and harder, making her firm titties bounce around in tight circles. Before long, the excitement was to much for me and I shot load after load of cum deep inside her pussy. This caused her to convulse under me with her own orgasm as well.

After we had both began to regain our composure I leaned down to kiss her. Our tongues quickly intertwined with the other ending in an incredible kiss.

"I dreamed of doing this with you but never dreamed it would have been this good."

What a nice dream........... just need the time and place for reality

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Make it happen! And then tell us all about how the reality and the fantasy meshed.

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