Meeting debbie in an apartment  

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5/14/2006 5:36 am
Meeting debbie in an apartment

Debbie walked into the fully furnished kitchen she flicked on the lights. Her eyes adjusted to the initial glare of the fluorescent tubes that now bathed the area in white light. Her hand rested on the cool work surface then she absentmindly rubbed the smooth surface with the tips of her fingers.

Debbie reached to her side, her hand flicked a switch to her left, the lights in the room gradually dimmed then extinguished so that we now stood in darkness. In total lack of light she was more aware of the smell of my aftershave. She then moved another switch that made the blinds slowly part before them.

"Wow." I said. In front of them was a truly breathtaking view of the city lit in various lights. There were lights from buildings, vehicles and neon advertising, which seemed to stretch for miles together with a large full moon.

We walked silently out on to the large balcony that served as a patio for the apartment. Placing her hands on the metal rail that ran the length of the chest high wall in front of her. Staring up into the night sky she saw the bright full moon together with the seemingly millions of tiny stars which peppered the blackness.

As she stood with her manicured fingers wrapped around the cold steel and took in a deep breath. The cool air entered her head and she closed her eyes. Debbie enjoyed the sensation allowing her mind to wander.

She opened her eyes and smiled warmly at me. "I love nights like this you said. " They are so......." I grinned back at her and to avoid an awkward silence she continued. "Makes you feel so small......... insignificant and puts everything into perspective. To be honest it is also sensual I guess you could say."

I broke into a smile. "Do you mean erotic?" I asked.

She did not speak but silently nodded.

I moved and stood behind her. My hands touched the side of her hips, she could smell my faint aftershave as I leant forward and spoke behind her. "Close your eyes." She did as I asked then felt me pull myself close to her. "Imagine all the people in the city tonight. All under those stars we were looking up at. Think of the bodies, the men, women, lovers, husbands, wives all thinking erotic thoughts. Then being swept along and all of the orgasms that they will have. Even the building opposite how many people are on the verge of cumming?" As I said this she felt my left hand move from her hips. My right hand moved and encircled her stomach. Then she became aware that I had lowered my body. Then she felt my hand rising between her thighs, which I parted gently, allowing my fingertips to seek out the silk sides of her thong panties. As I probed I felt that the material was very damp. My digits pressed against her soft lips, which I was manipulating through her thong.

Debbie's hands gripped tighter on the safety rail. She moaned as I rubbed at her groin. Then I moved the thong to one side and pushed up and into her warm, wet flesh. Debbie made no attempt to stop him from groping her bare hairless pussy. She then felt one of my extended fingers violate her vaginal lips as I pushed up. She savoured my finger fucking her and felt disappointment as my digit slid slowly from her. Before she could open her eyes once more she realised that my hands had started to push her skirt higher up her thighs. As the material began to bunch at her waist she released her grip on the metal bar. She took a handful of her skirt on each side of her hips so that my hands would be free to probe and her lower regions with more ease.

She opened her eyes and looked up at the beautiful night sky. Now I was kneeling behind her and my large hands parted her legs. My breath was now on the cheeks of her arse as I looked closely at her firm round rear. A tingle of excitement shot through her as she felt the warm breath move over her anus and down onto her soft small outer pussy lips. Then she felt my tongue move up so that he licked her outer lips. I drew my tongue gently over her wet flesh and she could have sworn she felt each individual taste bud on my warm tongue as it rubbed over her expectant skin. When the tip of my tongue touched the entrance of her pussy I pushed against her muscles. The pressure was not enough to penetrate her but enough to cause ripples to start within her stomach. I kept this expert attention up for moments before I slid back.

This had all become too much for her as she felt her orgasm approach she moved her right hand across until her fingers began to skate backwards and forwards over her stiff erect clitoris.

"Please fuck me." She panted. I did not reply but as I stopped licking her. Although she was now concentrating on rubbing herself she sensed that I had moved away from her. Then she heard the sound of me removing my coat that was then followed by the sound of me unzipping my trousers. Then the tip of my erect cock was nuzzling against her wet opening. I gripped her waist and drew my groin forward so that she was impaled on my dick. Sliding up into her my 81/2 inch erect penis filled her stretching her walls as I thrush slightly lifted her off up onto the balls of her feet.

Soon I was swiftly bucking so that she was almost sliding up and down my solid shaft. She stopped rubbing herself and grabbed the rail as her orgasm hit her and made her legs weaken. Now my hands moved up to her chest as I took her firm breasts in my hands. Her hand reached back as she started to push me away from her. My shaft left her and we heard the sound of her juices slurp as her entrance shrunk from my violation. The head of my penis bobbed around in front of me. Taking me in her hand she began to masturbate me while she used her free hand to unbutton her blouse. All the time she was looking into my eyes.

My hands took the material of her top, pulling each side apart until it was spread wide open, her breasts were only kept from view by her white lacy bra. The white lacy fell away and her firm breast were revealed.

She walked to the wall of the balcony, then placing a hand on the rail her other hand tugged the material of her skirt up, her legs parted so that I could see her bare bum and exposed pussy as she leant forward. Closing her eyes she heard my footsteps as I walked towards her. My grip took her waist before the tip of my cock rose up between her thighs and jabbed at her damp lips. As I thrust up her fingers wrapped around the metal of the rail. I started to fuck her hard from behind keeping my hard cock within the tight confines of her pussy. My hands snaked up and began to maul at her firm breasts.

Debbie's pussy muscles were spasming once more as she was manfully fucked from behind. My rough hands mauled her firm and sensitive breasts. Our clothed bodies were draw tight together as they enjoyed a very energetic fuck. Letting out a deep moan I grunted as my penis was shoved deep into her pussy. She was then flooded with my hot ejaculate as I climaxed deeply inside her.

We slowly recovered and I remained inside her. My hand moved her hair back and I kissed her neck. Once I had finished kissing her I whispered into her ear. "was it worth the wait."


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