Just a good fuck what i need ..............................  

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Just a good fuck what i need ..............................

I drove out to where debbie lived it was still a good half and hour ride. I would be there just for the weekend but I was hoping it would be long enough.

When I finally arrived I parked the car in the driveway. I looked up and realised she was standing in front of me, we both hugged and kissed each other. I didn't want to let her go! As I held her I could feel a deep stirring inside of me, something I hadn't felt in a long time. We paid no attention to the people around us as we kissed. Her tongue entered my mouth and got to know mine. I pulled her even more tightly against my body. When we finally broke apart we walked inside her house.

We entered the bedroom I turned to close the door when I turned back around she flew into my arms. We both kissed each other deeply, I kissed her neck, and she kissed mine. My hands wandered down to feel her ample hips. Her hands were on my back roaming up and down. She tasted very sweet like strawberry candy.

Slowly my hands moved to the front of her blouse, I started to unbutton it, her hands pulled at my shirt. I bent my head and she lifted it up over my head. I quickly went back to her blouse. The buttons were giving me a pain.

I said hell with it and just ripped it away from her body! There she was expose to my view. Debbie had some of the greatest breasts I've seen in a long time. She had lovely breasts with small nipples at this moment but I knew they would get bigger as I went to work on them.

I wanted to go slow but the touch of her made me do things with a sense of urgency. I wanted her right now! I forced myself to slow down alittle. I had a few days and didn't want to use up all my emotions up on the first day.

Debbie must have felt the same way because she pushed me away and started to remove the rest of my clothes. Her hands went to my belt and undid it first. She unbuckled my pants next and slowly pulled them down. I could feel my cock pushing against my boxers; the point of my dick pushing it's way through the slit in them. Her thumbs reached under the elastic and with a fast move they were at my feet.

I pushed Debbie on her back on the bed. She laid there her breasts on either side of her chest, her stomach heaving up and down. The thing I look for most was how her legs were. They were spread open and waiting for some to go down and taste her. I first bent down and kissed her. My tongue entered her mouth and made circles around her tongue. My kisses surprised her. I made my way down and took some time at her breasts. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and could feel it start to harden.

Both hands were around them moving and pinching. They were firm. I pushed them together so my mouth did not have to go very far to suck on her nipples. I moved from one to the other feeling them get hard as I sucked them in. I moved down to her belly button, sticking my tongue into it, hands still on her breasts. Kissing that stomach as it went up and down.

I let her breasts go and slid down to see her wet pink pussy, there were juices all around it glistening in the light. With my hands on her hips I started to kiss her thighs first. First one then the other not quite kissing her pussy but coming as close as you can get. I wanted her to anticipate my mouth and where it would go next. I finally kissed her pussy, slowly pushing my tongue inside of her. She tasted as sweet as she looked! I licked and pushed my tongue in as far as I could. It was like a small dick going in and out. I moved up and took her clit in my mouth. I drew it into my mouth and could feel her jump. The way Debbie moved I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm. Her hands were holding my head; a moaning sound was coming from her clenched lips. Her hips pushed up and she let out a loud moan, her legs wrapped around my head holding it tightly as she had a came in one great convulsion.

Debbie bucked for a few seconds then calmed down. When she did I moved back up to kiss her on the lips. With my cock nice and hard I was ready to enter her. Her legs spread out even more in anticipation of my cock. My hand held my cock and moved it up and down her wet shaven pussy. Not going in but playing at her opening. Pushing her pussy lips apart and teasing it a little. With my other hand I found her love tunnel and prepared to enter. With a quick move I plunged my cock as far into it as I could. The first move was fast and I went all the way to her shaven pussy. When I got there I could feel her pussy contract and hold my cock in. Her pussy was sucking my cock in and not letting go.

I slowly pulled out and could feel her legs on my back. I pushed back in slower this time. Her pussy still sucking on my cock. In I went only to pull out once again. With her pussy gripping my cock and her pussy as tight as it was. It gave me a great pleasure to make love to her. In and out, we kept this up for what seem like hours. Every time I pulled out she would suck me back in, we got into a rhythm and both were in bliss.

My hands on the bed at her side, her hands holding my head it was only a matter of time before the both of us would come to a great orgasm. She started moaning "oh go, oh god", me groaning and making faces. We both climax at the same time I let out a hot explosion of cum and she let out a spew of cum as well. Again I have never seen a woman do this. Our juices mixed and spread out on the bed making one giant wet spot! I tumble to her side and she rolled over on me to get away from the wet spot. With her on top of me we kissed, a deep and long kiss.

This was going to be one long and tiring weekend, one I've looked forward to for a long time.

I'm horny and need some relief .................??

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