Having sex ..................... tied up  

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6/8/2006 5:33 pm
Having sex ..................... tied up

Then as wakefulness took me, it was clear. I could feel your lips pressed to mine. They were soft and warm against mine. I could feel your body pressed against me, feel your need for me in your passionate kiss. I responded to your kiss with my instant need for you. Drinking deeply of you; sliding my tongue between my lips to meet yours.

I reached up and folded you into my arms. Feeling your soft, bare skin under my hands; letting my fingers slide slowly down your back and sides. Momentarily I was surprised when I reached your waist line; discovering you were completely naked.

My surprise must have registered with you, as you broke the kiss and smiled down at me.

"Do you like that lover?" You whispered to me.

All I could manage was a husky, yes. But my immediate like was obvious as I leaned up and buried my face in the side of your neck, kissing your neck and ear. I could smell your lotion. It was a light sent but so familiar to me, the light sent of gardenia. It always drives me wild and I know you knew this!

I gently rolled over, putting you beneath me. Leaning down, I softly kissed the tops of your breasts. Slowly running my hands up and down your sides; slowly caressing you, letting my hand play over your skin. Letting my hands caress your shoulders. Bringing them up the sides of your neck, running my fingertips along your jaw line and face, up into your hair.

As I continued exploring your body with my hands, your hands were not idle. I could feel your hands on my chest, running your fingers through the hair and teasing my nipples with your fingertips. Leaning up and sucking into your mouth first one, then the other nipple. I felt your hands tickle their way down my sides and along my lower back, finally coming to rest on my ass. As your hands reached my ass you started squeezing and caressing me and it was quite a turn on. Than you did something that was totally unexpected!

You slapped my ass. I don't know what was more surprising the slap or that you had never done this to me before. It was definitely a turn on and I could tell you knew by the wicked smile on your face.

You leaned into me and whispered you had something new you wanted to try but you needed me to trust you.

This excited me more than I would have believed even though I had no idea what you had in mind.

You told me to let you up then sit on the bed.

As I sat on the bed you went to a drawer in the dresser and pulled out a dark blue, silk scarf. I could tell you moved some other stuff around in the drawer but did not take it out.

You moved to me with this smile on your face and asked me if I trusted you.

I told you I trusted you more than any one else.

With that, you took the scarf, tied it around my eyes so I could not see then helped me lie back on the bed.

It was very quiet and I could hear you moving around the room and bed. With my eyes covered, I could only hear your movements and I wondered what it was you were doing.

Than as I felt your hand grasp my wrist and wrap something soft around it, what you had in mind was clear! As you tied my other hand I could feel your excitement! After you finished tying each of my ankles I had a moment of panic! I couldn't hear you! You must have sensed this because you ran your hands down my torso causing me to jump before telling me to trust you.

You soon removed your hands and I soon felt something soft and feathery tickling me. Running up and down my body; it felt amazing. After awhile you replaced the object once again with your hands. But before I felt them I felt a warm liquid dripping onto my body. You started rubbing it all over. It felt like oil and your hand soon had me squirming. It was so good and frustrating because I could not control any thing you did.

I felt like it couldn't get better but then the combination of your hands and oil found my cock.

You slowly stroked the length of me sliding your oiled up hands up and down. I was so excited that in no time I was close to cumming.

Then you stopped!

I felt helpless to you, unable to touch you, unable to make you continue! It felt so good! It was just so frustrating! I know you loved the control you had over me.

The next thing I felt was your body pressed against mine. Our warm bodies meeting, oil making us slippery. You slid your hands all over me. Straddling my body and lowering you onto me! I heard you sigh with pleasure. You began to ride me slowly at first,then settling into a gentle rhythm.

It was an odd sensation not being able to touch, see or influence you but very erotic. In no time I was close, I know I was going to explode into you.

Then you just stopped!

I felt your hands on my chest rubbing… teasing.

You told me not yet lover!

Even though I couldn't see you, I could just imagine the smile and amusement on your face.

You soon started moving on me again. You felt so good wrapped tight around me. You were soon moving with an urgency that was unmistakable. I knew you were close. I could hear you moaning. I just hoped I could hang on until you came.

Then you were there, screaming out that you were cumming,

"Oh cum with me baby!" you screamed.

I could take it no longer and I reached crescendo with you shooting myself deep within you!

You collapsed onto my chest. I could feel you pulsing all around my cock still within you, you felt wonderful.

You Reached up and removed the scarf from my eyes and kissed me deeply.

You asked me if I had liked your little surprise.

To which I replied I had; "Only next time I think it is your turn."

You smiled at me with a mischievous smile and said. "We'll just have to see."

You put your head on my chest and were soon snoring lightly.

All I could do was lay there and wonder when you would wake up and untie me!

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